HF alkylation capabilities

Becht has a team of HF Alky experts that have established and led the alkylation networks and licensing activities for companies like XOM, BP, P66, Shell, and UOP.

Tim Shepperd

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Becht SMEs have worked in over 95% of the refineries in North America and many others internationally and bring an owner-operator perspective of safety, reliability, quality, cost, and schedule. Becht SMEs also hold many committee positions in codes and standards throughout ASME/API/NACE (over 125 seats) including the current API RP-751 HF Alkylation re-write. Our experience and industry leadership have enabled us to develop a broad array of best practices, engineering standards, and other documents for our clients.

Key Capabilities:
• Operational Troubleshooting “Answer Man”
• Fixed Equipment Support
o Corrosion/Materials Consulting
o Leak Clamp Repair Design Review
o Fitness for Service
• Process Safety
o API RP-751 Complete Audit Capability
o API RP-751 Pre-Assessments
• Safety and Mitigation Systems Selection and Review
• Chemical Cleaning Planning and Field Support
• Risk Based Work Selection
• Turnaround Readiness Reviews
• QRA (Risk Assessments)
• Custom Operator Training

Engineering Support:
• Debottlenecking Studies
• Rotating Equipment Consulting
• Process Safety:
o Facility Siting Studies
o Integrity Operating Windows
o Investigation Support
• HF Sampling and Lab Method Consulting
• Heavy Lift Reviews
• Project Design Support

Quality Assurance:
• Owners Representative Capital Project Q/A
• Concept Design (FEL 1/2)
• Detailed Engineering (FEL 3)
• Construction and Startup
• Capabilities include:
o  Mechanical: Pressure Vessels, Exchangers, Piping, Tankage, Flexibility Analysis, Specialized Design
o Materials: Selection, Corrosion Controls, Compatibility
o Welding: Specifications, Procedures, Fabrication, Inspection
o Machinery: Pump/Compressor Selection, On-site Engineering Troubleshooting, Shop Tests, Overhaul Supervision
o Instrumentation/Electrical/Analyzers/Control Systems: Selection, Design, Construction, Startup
o Process/Operations: Technology Selection, Equipment Sizing, PFD/P&ID/H&MB Reviews, Startup Readiness

Turnaround Support:
• Decontamination Workshops
• Discovery Engineering
• Execution Support (Operations, Inspections, Shop Surveillance, Engineering, and Safety)

Independent Reviews:
• PSM, Mechanical Integrity, and Maintenance Audits
• HAZOP Facilitation and Expert Support
• Pre-startup Safety Review (Training, Walkdowns, Procedures)
• Constructability

Contact Becht’s team of HF Alky experts to prepare for your audit.



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