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Founded in 2022 within AMETEK Inc.’s Measurement, Communications & Testing (MCT) Division, AMETEK Level Measurement Solutions (LMS) unites leading brands in (level) measurement technology - Magnetrol®, Orion Instruments®, SWI, Drexelbrook®, and B/W Controls. Each brand contributes a rich history of innovation to our collective mission: advancing (level) measurement solutions to meet the challenges of a dynamic industrial landscape.

Our Brands: A Legacy of Innovation
Magnetrol (Acquired by AMETEK Inc. in 2021)
The legacy of Magnetrol traces back to 1932 with Schaub Engineering, marking the birth of the first magnetic liquid level switch, a breakthrough that transformed level control within boiler and feedwater systems. Through its evolution, Magnetrol has set the industry standard for reliable Level and Flow Measurement Solutions, guided by transformative leaders like Judy G. Stevenson, who became owner of the company in 1975.

Orion Instruments (Acquired by AMETEK Inc. in 2021)
Launched by Magnetrol in 2001, Orion Instruments has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry, advancing MLI technology to meet the stringent demands of sectors such as petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, and Wastewater treatment, delivering custom-engineered solutions worldwide.

Solutions With Innovation (SWI) (Acquired by AMETEK Inc. in 2021)
Innovative Fusion, manufacturer of specialty welded components, was founded in 1984 and, along with the later-created Innovative Solutions division, became part of Magnetrol in 1999. Years later the companies were rebranded as Solutions With Innovation. SWI born from a vision of delivering cost-effective, High-Quality Solutions, quickly expanded its range from float-type level switches to an extensive array of sensors, indicators, and accessories designed for OEM applications, continually setting new standards in innovation and affordability.

Drexelbrook (Acquired by AMETEK Inc. in 1999)
Since its founding by Frederick L. Maltby in 1963, Drexelbrook has stood at the forefront of level measurement technology, earning a reputation as a pioneer of RF Admittance Level Instrumentation. This groundbreaking innovation marked a significant leap forward in the ability to accurately measure the conditions of materials, setting a new standard for the industry. As a leader in the field, Drexelbrook continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of technology to provide precise, reliable measurement solutions. Drexelbrook coined the term Radio Frequency Admittance to differentiate from a purely capacitance technology and developed the Cote-Shield Technology to solve the conductive coating problem.

B/W Controls (Acquired by AMETEK Inc. in 1999)
Established in 1933 and known for its advanced magnetostrictive sensor technology, the brand has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy across various industries. B/W Controls offers a wide range of sensors for both point level control and continuous liquid level measurement, ensuring high precision in applications ranging from chemical processing to municipal water treatment.

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