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Valves from OHL Gutermuth Industrial Valves a leading manufacturer of industrial valves, are used everyday around the entire world. Wherever media flows like gases, vapours, fluids and granulates have to be controlled safely and efficiently, the butterfly and shut-off valves make a good job of it. In this connection, the industrial valves are used in sectors such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, in power plants and in plant construction, in the solar industry as well as ship building - and they provide a measure of safety around the entire world.

Product Overview
Safeflex KX: Metal seated Butterfly Valve with triple eccentric offset Proven system for superior applications: Oxygen, gases, exhaust gases, fluids as well as abrasive and corrosive media. Butterfly Valves of the Safeflex series are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the application. Face to face dimensions are according to EN 558-1, API 609, ANSI B16.10. Individual face to face dimensions are possible as well. The metal sealing system fulfils the leakage-class requirements of EN 12266-1A and ANSI B16.106 Class VI (zero leakage). Individual material selection allows a high grade on flexibility. The valves can be operated by means of different types of actuators. Actuator flange connections are according to international standards.

Butterfly Valve KK: Resilient seated Butterfly valve for shut-off and modulating service. Double eccentric offset. Gas-tight shut-off by means of proven sealing methods. Endless profiled sealing element. Quality of sealing element is adapted to the application. Suitable for oxygen, gases, exhaust gases and fluids as well as abrasive and corrosive media. Low breakaway torques and maintenance free operation allows a maximum on operational reliability.

Centric Butterfly Valve GG/EE: Centric butterfly valve, suitable for all kinds of applications with gases and fluids The rigid execution of these valves ensures maintenance free operation and allows a maximum on operational reliability.

Centric Butterfly Valve DKK/DAK: Since more than 100 years butterfly valves of type DKK/DAK are successfully operating. Over the years the valve has been slightly modified. The rigid execution and lubricated bearings makes the valves indestructible and suitable for operation even under roughest conditions.

Centric Butterfly Valve ELL/ELS: The valves are specifically designed to handle flue- and/or sulfur- containing gases. The valve comes with gas seal - / flushing connection in regular execution. The special execution of type EHM offers a refractory lining for highest temperatures. Flange connections and face to face dimensions can be adjusted according to client's requirements.

Shut-off Valves CAM-CDM: Valves especially designed for the use in Claus-units / processes. Upon request: Special design for desulphurization of natural gas / gas conditioning. The proven design has been delivered to more than 150 reference plants worldwide. Numerous valves installed more than 30 years ago are still in operation.

Mixing Valve For Hot Gases: CHM valves are designed to mix hot gas of a furnace with cold gas down to a defined temperature. A refractory lining makes the valve suitable for applications where high temperatures may occur.

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