Thriving in demanding petrochemical applications

The petrochemical industry presents valve solutions with demanding applications and operating environments.

Dhanesh Bhaskaran

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Reliable flow control solutions are vital in terms of both process quality and operational safety. Neles offers a full range of flow control solutions from valves and actuators to intelligent valve controllers for the wide range of petrochemical processes and applications.

Meeting tight regulations with high-quality valve solutions
Today’s petrochemical producers face ever-increasing demands in terms of legislation and regulations as well as environmental and operational efficiency and performance. Finding and relying on the right flow control partner can be the difference between compliance and non-compliance in terms of the latest regulations and industry standards. With the vast array of processes and petrochemical end products, a valve supplier must have the required deep knowledge of the processes as well as the right products and options needed to meet the demanding needs of each of them.

Different processes, different requirements — One valve supplier
While long-lasting tightness over a valve’s entire life cycle may be a key requirement in on-off and emergency shutdown (ESD) valves, accuracy and operating speeds may be more crucial in control valve applications. But regardless of the application or physical location of the valve, in petrochemical applications safety and reliability are always paramount. Ensuring that there are no leakages or catastrophic valve failures is extremely important. All Neles valves sold into petrochemical service are certified and tested for safe operations.

Certified solutions for safe and sustainable performance
And just like across all industries, in the field of petrochemicals, sustainability and environmental performance is also key factor. There are two areas where Neles valves help improve environmental performance: eliminating emissions and improving energy efficiency. Eliminating fugitive emissions through the valve body through clever design and engineering has been in focus at Neles for a long time. Neles valves comply with stringent emissions standards in the industry.
Whether you have a need for valves in your steam cracking plant or high cycle valves, polymer handling valves in polyethylene or polypropylene plant and for various other process plant in petrochemical industry, Neles has the portfolio that includes the valve solutions you need. To find out more read our latest brochure for the petrochemical industry or get in touch.


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