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  • Down-fired salt thermal oxidisers

    Applications requiring the use of a thermal oxidation system to incinerate and eliminate wastes are widely diverse. UOP Callidus provides engineering and ...

  • Ambient conditions impact CO and NOx emissions: part I

    Changing ambient conditions can impact CO and NOx emissions without proper process adjustments. A wide range of operating conditions show how these emissions ...

  • Ethylene furnace heat flux correlations

    Equations are presented that correlate and predict heat flux as a function of operating, burner and furnace parameters for all major ethylene-cracking ...

  • Advanced combustion system for cracking furnaces

    A discussion of design considerations for burner technology used in cracking furnaces. Significant improvements include more uniform heat flux profile, ...

  • Process burner spacing

    Burner-to-burner interaction can increase NOx emissions and cause flame impingement on process tubes

  • System analysis of process burners

    Modelling is now a vital tool in the designing of ultra-low NOx burners, together with advanced problem-solving techniques such as computational fluid ...