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UOP Callidus installation services

Installation Services: UOP Callidus offers turnkey installation and aftermarket support for our products around the world. Our goal is to provide first class service from professionals who have years of experience with our equipment and understand how it should be installed and operated to obtain the highest quality and efficiency.

Our services include:
• Installation
• Guy Wire Tensioning
• Retractable Systems
• Supervision and Inspections
• Commissioning and Start-Up
• Servicing Tuning and Training
• Rental Fleet
• Spare Parts

The UOP Callidus Installation Team gets involved up front and stays involved throughout the project continuity. The same Installation Coordinator that does the initial assessment stays involved. The Coordinator watches the project go though the design and fabrication stages to custom make your product fit your needs and assure consistency and quality. When it’s time to install your product our Coordinator is there in the field with you to manage the job and make sure it’s installed properly.

Project Management
Installation systems can be complex and time demanding. By allowing the UOP Callidus Team to do your installation, we assume the project management duties allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere saving you time and money.

Are you tired of getting hit with exaggerated back-charges on every job? We know our product better than any other installer and when we give you a firm price, chances are that will be your final price.

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Process heater burners, flare systems, thermal oxidizers, catalyst systems

With over two decades of overcoming combustion and emissions challenges, UOP Callidus consistently leads the industry by setting the standards for maximum performance and minimum emissions. Burners that set the standards: Innovation and technology are the keys to UOP Callidus burners. For over two decades, ...

Callidus ultra-blue burner (CUBL)

The UOP Callidus Ultra-Blue (CUBL) is rapidly becoming the preferred Ultra-low NOx process burner. An innovative design has been employed which increases the burner’s stability and allows for optimal performance on typical refinery fuel gases and 100% natural gas. The new design also increases ...

Callidus low NOx staged gas burner (CSGL)

The UOP Callidus (CSGL) is rapidly becoming the preferred staged gas low NOx process burner. An innovative design has been employed which increases the burner’s stability and allows for optimal performance on typical refinery fuel gases and 100% natural gas.The new design also increases the tile ...

Advanced flare and flare system designs

UOP Callidus prides itself in providing economical high destruction efficiency, high smokeless, low noise, low radiation flares for a broad range of flare applications. Through our engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities and worldwide service, UOP Callidus has become a leading provider of flare ...

Thermal oxidizer systems

UOP Callidus is an industry leader in environmental and combustion technology. We have provided incinerators for a wide variety of gas and liquid wastes including inorganic particulate, various acids and hard-to-burn organic compounds. Our experience extends to development and implementation of Thermal ...

Selective catalytic reduction and catalytic oxidation

Reducing NOx and CO levels for simple-cycle systems, heat recovery steam generators, package boilers, and thermal oxidizers. UOP Callidus delivers technically superior emission control products and services to the power, petrochemical, and refining industries. Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) ...

The UOP Callidus scepter pilot and scepter model P1 portable igniter

Meeting the refining and petrochemical challenge. As a result of the efforts of UOP Callidus engineers and with input from our customers, the Scepter Pilot was developed. The new pilot system was designed at the world-class industrial scale, UOP Callidus Research and Test Facility, and only released ...

UOP, A Honeywell Company, changing the world one solution at a time

Honeywell UOP processes have changed the world. Since the groundbreaking introduction of the Dubbs Process in 1914, Honeywell UOP’s engineers and chemists have excelled in turning laboratory science into industrial reality, establishing the foundation for today’s modern refining industry.

UOP Callidus Jade burner

The Jade Burner from UOP Callidus is the first ultra-low NOx Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer Burner designed and built specifically to deliver ultra-low Nox emissions with no special physical or operational requirements. In many cases, incorporating the Jade burner into a thermal oxidizer results in the lowest ...

Advanced combustion solutions for production applications

We Pride Ourselves On Quality UOP Callidus develops flare systems for hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas production, steel, carbon black and petrochemical processing industries. Each of these flare systems is built to match the customer’s specific process criteria and performance requirements. ...