HexWall™/ Vectorwall™ case study

Furnace baffles – a long history of problems. Sulphuric acid plant furnace baffles historically are labor intensive, expensive to install, require long shut downs for refractory cure times, are susceptible to cracking, and have a poor reputation for collapsing due to their inherent mechanical instability. This archaic product has been the industry norm for over 100 years. No more…

An innovative response
MECS, Inc. (MECS) has collaborated with Blasch Precision Ceramics to create a unique solution to these maintenance headaches: MECS® HexWall™ ceramic furnace internals, a novel replacement for conventional furnace baffles. HexWall™ internals are precisely engineered hexagonal blocks that are interlocked and stacked rather than mortared together, resulting in quicker installation and less cure time. The innovative HexWall™ internals resist thermal cracking and are less likely to collapse since they are supported by the entire inside diameter of the furnace. This is a major structural improvement and step change in furnace refractory technology.

MECS® HexWall™ results
HexWall™ ceramic furnace internals have become the new standard for DuPont sulphuric acid plants. Three DuPont sulphuric acid production sites currently have HexWall™ internals installed with plans to upgrade furnace internals at other DuPont production sites as existing furnaces are updated. In addition to the stability benefits, DuPont was pleased to find that installation of HexWall™ internals required approximately one-third of the time needed to install a conventional baffle wall. Since implementation of the HexWall internals in 2007, no wall failures or collapses have occurred. Given the financial return and time savings, MECS® HexWall™ internals have exceeded expectations at DuPont.


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