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    Rugged and durable oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide portable analyzer designed for field and light industrial use. The MiniHD 5200 is an ultra-sensitive analyzer designed for O2, CO and CO2 monitoring in common gas mixtures. With a rugged and durable design, the MiniHD is optimized for use in both the field and also light industrial applications. In addition to its leading-edge analytical capability, the MiniHD delivers a feature-rich suite of added benefits including ...

  • SERVOMEX OxyDetect

    Non-depleting Paramagnetic oxygen monitor designed for hazardous area environments. The Servomex OxyDetect is a life safety monitor designed for safe area or hazardous area environments without the sensor deterioration that affects traditional electrochemical sensors.      Designed for use in life critical applications, the OxyDetect utilizes the Hummingbird Paracube® Micro Paramagnetic sensor, whose industry-leading levels of linearity, accuracy and ...

  • Servomex product guide

    Our industry-leading gas analyser range and systems, matched to your industry requirements. Developed and manufactured in our UK and Americas Technical Centers, Servomex analyzers are hand-built to precise requirements. This ensures every product we make provides performance optimized to the needs of each customer process. Built around the stable, accurate and reliable gas measurements provided by our world-leading Hummingbird sensing technologies, our analyzers incorporate ...

  • SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas

    High-specification digital continuous emissions (CEMS) analyzer, designed for multi-gas measurement of criterion pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference oxygen. The advanced SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas delivers high-performance multi-gas monitoring designed specifically for the continuous emissions monitoring of flue gas. This sensitive analyzer uses a combination of Servomex’s leading-edge, patented, digital sensing technologies, including Paramagnetic O2, and the non-dispersive ...

  • SERVOTOUGH FlueGasExact 2700

    High performance combustion process analysis of oxygen and combustibles, designed for use in the most hazardous and challenging location. Armed with an integral sampling system custom-designed for operation in some of the hottest and most extreme combustion environments, the FluegasExact is the analyzer of choice for measuring oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications.


    Explosion-proof in-line hydrogen process analyzer, using a solid-state, non-consumable sensor configured to operate in process gas streams. The H2Scan hydrogen process analyzer features thin film technology that provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross-sensitive to other gases. The H2Scan is ideal for applications where real-time, hydrogen specific measurements can enhance process efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management. ·  &nbs ...

  • SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900

    Leading-edge, safety-enhanced oxygen analysis for hazardous or challenging applications. The award-winning Oxy 1900 sets the standard for O2 gas analysis, delivering a feature-rich solution designed to meet the monitoring needs of even the most challenging applications. At the heart of the Oxy 1900 is Servomex’s patent Paramagnetic oxygen sensor. Providing highly reliable, accurate and stable percentage measurements of oxygen. The non-depleting technology requires minimal ...

  • SERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200

    High specification process oxygen analyzer, designed for ultimate monitoring performance. The OxyExact safe area oxygen analyzer combines high precision Paramagnetic O2 sensing technology into a flexible and robust safety-enhanced design, optimized to meet the needs of demanding process monitoring applications like feedstock purity testing and clean up, hydrogen and chlorine production, solvent recovery and sewage and sludge driers.

  • SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact 2500

    Rugged photometric multigas gas analyzer designed for demanding process applications. Designed to provide a highly flexible analytical solution adaptable to many applications, the SpectraExact (2500) range delivers a winning combination of proven performance and flexible operation in a resilient and reliable design.

  • SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400

    Tunable filter infrared absorption on-line gas analysis platform ideal for the measurement of light hydrocarbons. The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan is a real-time Tunable Filter Infrared analyzer capable 
of accurately separating light hydrocarbon components. Using a unique wavelength scanning tunable filter spectrometer, fast update rates are performed for C1 through C6 analysis. Sampling is a continuous flow-through type, suitable for on-line, unattended operation, while the analyzer ...

  • Signal: Total silicon analysis as low as 0.65 ppm

    From gasoline to ethanol and toluene, Signal® delivers total silicon analysis. Powered by MWDXRF®, Signal is a robust analysis solution for demanding petroleum and industrial environments.

  • Sindie +Cl: Measure both sulfur and chlorine with one instrument

    Sindie +Cl is a two-in-one instrument enabling trace analysis of both sulfur and chlorine with one push of a button. It is the ideal solution to certify sulfur levels in finished products, assess chlorine for corrosion mitigation, and optimize process parameters.

  • Sindie +Pb: Sulfur plus lead in petroleum products

    As aviation industry requirements become more stringent, lead detection is critical in such products as aviation gasoline and jet fuel. Sindie® +Pb delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy for sulfur and lead detection.

  • Sindie 7039: 7039 sulfur analysis as low as 0.15 ppm

    From ultra-low sulfur diesel and gasoline, to heavy fuel oil and crudes, Sindie® 7039 Gen 3 delivers improved precision and accuracy. Sindie 7039 is the ideal analytical solution for the refining industry where detection, performance and reliability are critical.

  • Sindie Online: Continuous sulfur analysis in hydrocarbon process streams

    Sindie® Online is an industrial grade process sulfur analyzer with breakthrough detection capability to monitor ultra-low sulfur in petroleum or aqueous process streams. This process analyzer presents the ultimate solution for refineries and pipeline terminals where measurement speed and reliability are essential. Powered by MWDXRF®, Sindie Online uses ASTM D7039 technology and delivers real-time, continuous analysis of total sulfur from 0.5 ppmw up to 3000 ppmw. This ...

  • Sindie OTG: Portable sulfur analysis

    Sindie® OTG is a portable sulfur analyzer, delivering reliable and precise results in hydrocarbons from ULSD and gasoline to marine fuels and crudes. Operate in-the-field, on-board marine environments, and in laboratories. Sindie OTG complies with ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884.

  • Sub-ppm chloride monitoring of hydrocarbons

    Corrosion at petroleum refineries is a critical problem all over the world. In the United States alone, NACE International, a professional association dedicated to reducing the economic impact of corrosion, has shown that $3.7 billion in direct costs are realized annually from maintenance, vessel expenditures, and fouling as a result of corrosion. This huge figure does not take into account the estimated loss of as much as $12 billion in profit due to decreased capacity, unit ...

  • Sulfur in jet fuel by ASTM D4294

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports that in 2017 alone, more than 4 billion passengers traveled by air. It is estimated that air transport will reach global growth of over 7 billion passengers by 2035. Standard jet fuel specifications are used to ensure that wherever a plane is fueled, it can continue to operate safely. Common jet fuel specifications are shown in Table 1. Jet fuel specifications require total sulfur content to be less than 0.30 wt%. In order ...

  • Total Chlorine by Modified ASTM D7536 with Accu-flow

    X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry, while widely used for total sulfur testing, has traditionally been an ineffective tool for the direct measurement of total chlorides in crude oil due to the settling effects of inorganic chloride salts during the measurement process. This settling leads to poor precision and an industry preference for other measurement or sample extraction techniques.

  • Total sulfur gauge for crude oil, marine bunker fuel & blending

    Featuring 3rd generation X-ray transmission technology, the NEX XT from Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. represents the next evolution of process analyzers for sulfur measurement (0.02% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous bhydrocarbons, including residuums. ✓ Optimized for total sulfur analysis needs ✓ Marine fuel blending and monitoring to meet IMO MARPOL sulfur regulations ✓ Monitor fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) feed streams ✓ ...

  • Tracerco Profiler™ HMI

    A Windows based application offering dynamic displays, diagnostics, trending, control and historical logging. The Profiler™HMI, is a ready-made graphical user interface that provides clear insight into your separation process while enabling efficient operation and control of the Profiler™GPS and the Profiler™TGA. The displays available from the Profiler™HMI provide a ‘window’ into the vessel, allowing operators to visualize the process density ...

  • Tracerco™ Level System

    Bulk level measurement. Developed to comply with the latest functional safety standards, the SIL2 certified TracercoTM level system delivers extremely reliable bulk level measurements, regardless of process conditions. Its external modular design, with no moving parts, provides measurement redundancy, as well as the ability to offer consistent, accurate level measurement. This offers operators process optimisation, leading to improved product quality and reduced process issues. Key ...

  • UniSim® design suite hydroprocessing reactors

    High fidelity kinetic reactor modules enabling refiners to understand unit behavior and optimize their hydroprocessing results. The Challenge: Process less expensive opportunity crudes while meeting strict specifications for sulfur content. Changes in spot market prices have forced petroleum refiners to re-evaluate their operations in search of greater flexibility. At the same time, various jurisdictions have imposed tighter specifications on the sulfur content of refinery products. ...


    Watlow® is now offering WATCONNECT® standard control panels that are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered within two weeks. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature controller and power controller products for a complete thermal solution. Normally, competitive custom panels require significantly longer lead times. The broad range of standard features allow customers to quickly configure panels ...

  • How to achieve operational excellence with safe and profitable operating windows

    Plant of the Future’ is making headway towards operational excellence using technologies that enable safe and efficient operations to improve your bottom line and reduce OPEX expenses. Operations Management provides the foundation needed to enable operations excellence. In this presentation, we’ll show you the tools we’ve designed to manage and control critical limits, shift handovers, and process deviations. You are going to learn: - How Honeywell Forge Operations Management ...

  • Learn how to build refinery models quickly and easily to support your LP model

    In this webinar we will present refinery modelling workflows, features and functionalities, which showcase Honeywell Forge Process Simulation’ refinery-wide flow sheeting capabilities. These capabilities span the beginning-to-end design, use, and exporting results of a refinery model.   First, attendees will see how easy is to create a model from scratch utilizing our Process Simulation 'drag & drop' refining reactor templates. Finally, we will showcase the product ...

  • Ensuring business continuity in industrial operations

    Join this webinar to discover the multiple areas in your organization where Honeywell Forge can help ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your refining operations. We will explore cases from asset performance management and process optimization to remote worker performance and competency solutions.   The new normal is here to stay. Uncertainty is the new name of the game; however, resilience should also be a key player. How are you ensuring the reliability, ...

  • A layered approach to achieving plant-wide optimization goals

    Join this webinar to discover the multiple areas in your organization where Honeywell Forge can help ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your refining operations. We will explore cases from asset performance management and process optimization to remote worker performance and competency solutions.   The new normal is here to stay. Uncertainty is the new name of the game; however, resilience should also be a key player. How are you ensuring the reliability, ...

  • Driving machine learning through fundamental machinery diagnostics

    Join Honeywell’s APM specialist, Ben Berwick, as he discusses how Honeywell leverages Asset Performance Management technology to recognize the earliest onset of rotating machinery issues. The rapid pace of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and digital twins for industrial assets is proving revolutionary in how asset intensive organizations benefit from the actionable information provided by asset performance management (APM) software.  A key element in deriving ...

  • Digital Reliability: 24/7 Real-time Machinery Diagnostics

    Dynamics SPC discusses our turnkey solution we call COMPACS. COMPACS monitors the health of your equipment in real-time. We’ve spent close to three decades developing the system and technology. You will learn that what differentiates our solution from all others on the market is it employs a patented artificial intelligence allowing you to diagnose equipment defects several minutes, hours, even days prior to equipment failures.   We will provide examples of how COMPACS ...

  • Simplify crude assay importing in UniSim design by utilizing H/CAMS

    Haverly H/CAMS is the industry leading assay crude management software with over 2000 assays. Honeywell's UniSim Design software links to Haverly H/CAMS via a COM interface and allows you to import proprietary assays with just a few clicks. This functionality increases engineering effectiveness, eliminates the need for manual data entry, and makes it easier to model crude storage facilities and refining processes. Presenters: Jagdish Rachh - Honeywell David Alexander - Haverly Moderator: Ken ...

  • Intelligently predict and prevent corrosion across your operations

    Learn how the fight against corrosion never stops - it is a fact of life every day across Oil & Gas, Refining and Pipeline operations, what-if you could have insight into real-time corrosion rates in your process? Honeywell Predict® Corrosion Suite provides the next generation of corrosion management solutions, intelligent software providing real time corrosion quantification. Unlike conventional corrosion management methods, unique prediction models are employed that ...

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