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Rotterdam refinery expansion enters final stage

ExxonMobil Basestock  announced today several key developments at its Rotterdam refinery to meet the company’s most stringent base stocks manufacturing quality standards, supporting its final steps towards full stream production in the first quarter of 2019. These developments are part of ExxonMobil’s commitment to product integrity and reliability at the refinery.

“The Rotterdam refinery represents the first large-scale production of Group II base stocks in Europe,” said Pascal de Bast Thiers, business venture manager for the Rotterdam expansion project at ExxonMobil. “We are continuously exploring ways to strengthen our base stocks production cycle and are dedicated to providing our valued customers with the highest standards in customer service, brand and product integrity from the very start.”

Key developments at the Rotterdam refinery include:
* New lab facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and timely product testing at every stage of base stock production.
* Official ISO 9001:2015 pre-certification as well as full compliance with ATIEL’s base stock slate definition – both are an integral part of the ExxonMobil global EHC Group II slate offer.
* The implementation of ExxonMobil’s proprietary Global Brand & Product Integrity Management System (BPIMS) to help maintain base stocks quality throughout the entire production cycle, from feed all the way to product delivery.
* A fully staffed team of experts ready to consistently deliver reliable products, services and experiences aligned with BPIMS standards.

ExxonMobil has completed several major field structure developments at its Rotterdam refinery since the project began in 2016. These latest measures are the final steps towards ensuring customers the highest quality of service, product integrity and reliability.

ExxonMobil will begin EHC™ production at its Rotterdam refinery following the completion of its hydrocracker expansion project at the end of 2018, with full commercialization of EHC™50 and EHC™120 targeted for the first quarter of 2019. Once the Rotterdam project is complete, ExxonMobil will become the largest Group I and Group II producer globally.
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