ART Hydroprocessing and GS EcoMetal to reclaim metals from spent catalysts

Advanced Refining Technologies LLC (ART Hydroprocessing) and GS EcoMetal Co. Ltd (GSEM) today announced a multi-year agreement to recover metals from spent catalysts supplied by ART Hydroprocessing to its refinery customers. GSEM’s processing facility is located in Ulsan, South Korea and would serve ART’s customers in Asia Pacific and other regions.

The agreement allows ART and GSEM to address customers’ spent catalysts disposal needs while establishing a pathway to sustainable reuse of metals derived from the catalyst manufacturing and oil refining processes.

ART Managing Director André Lanning said, “This new partnership with GS EcoMetal, an established specialist in reclaiming metals from spent catalysts, broadens ART’s offering to include recycling and value enhancing services to our customers where mutual benefit can be recognized.”

GSEM Chief Executive Officer Byung-Rak Lim noted that, “This agreement with ART Hydroprocessing, a global leader in hydroprocessing catalysts, allows GS EcoMetal to expand commercial production and strengthen our impact on protecting the environment through recycling of limited natural resources.”


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