Yokagawa releases TDLS8100 probe-type Tunable Diode Laser spectrometer

Yokogawa Corporation of America has released the TDLS8100 probe-type Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer (TDLS). Industrial process heating operations, fired heaters, boilers and furnaces, account for approximately 70% of the manufacturing sector’s process energy consumption and constitute a major process safety risk and source of greenhouse gas emissions. The TDLS 8100 enables operators to make a step change in safety improvements, emission reductions, optimization of fuel efficiency and yields, as well as prolong the life of their assets.

A flagship product in Yokogawa’s OpreX Analyzers lineup, the TDLS 8100 makes quick and accurate in situ gas concentration measurements, eliminating the requirement for sampling and conditioning components. This results in reduced installation and maintenance costs. The instrument is field-serviceable with no consumables or calibration required. The single flange design allows installation where cross-duct TDLS technology was previously not feasible due to accessibility, obstructions or budget constraints.

The energy and chemical industry must embrace triple bottom line performance to drive sustainability targets and outcomes. This involves placing equal importance on people, the environment and profits, in order to drive sustainability outcomes which are existential to everyone. The TDLS 8100 makes plants significantly safer, improves resource efficiency, reduces air emissions and contributes to enhanced asset profitability.

“The energy transition, which has already begun, is the most profoundly disruptive issue facing the energy and chemicals industry,” comments Tom Quinlan, vice president of Yokogawa Corporation of America. “A smarter planet requires smarter plants; the TDLS 8100 is an integral measurement device that drives competitive advantage in a holistic and sustainable way.”

For use in safety instrumented systems, the TDLS8100 analyzer is SIL2 compliant. It is also explosion-proof for Division 1 and Zone 1 installations.


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