High-Performance tail-gas treating

(WEBINAR) - Discover the benefits of applying the latest technology in modern, low-temperature Shell Claus offgas treating (SCOT™) units.

See how next-generation, low-temperature SCOT catalysts can help extend cycle life, lower energy costs and ensure regulatory compliance, even with the most difficult feeds and conditions.

In this webinar you will:
• Learn why modern tail-gas treating units are being designed without an inline burner, and the impact this has on inlet temperatures and, therefore, catalyst selection

• Find out how the enhanced activity, hydrogenation and hydrolysis performance of the latest catalysts can translate into longer cycle life and reduced energy costs, and enable compliance with stringent sulphur emission mandates

• Discover how Shell Catalysts & Technologies' R&D team unlocked a step change in catalyst activity

This one-hour online event will allow time for you to ask questions within the session.

* SCOT is a Shell trademark

Hans Wijnbelt - Tail Gas Application Specialist
Karl Krueger - Senior Research Scientist
Michael Huffmaster - Consultant
Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Ken Molay

You can view the OnDemand Webinar HERE

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