Prime-G+® helps India drive towards cleaner fuels

In order to reduce the sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions released from vehicles and so to comply with more stringent specifications for transportation fuel standards, the Government of India undertook an unprecedented decision by leapfrogging from Bharat Stage (BS)-IV to BS-VI national motor vehicle emission standards. The BS-VI fuel specifications, equivalent to Euro-VI specifications, aim at mainly reducing the sulfur content in gasoline to 10 ppmwt (weight part per million) from 50 ppmwt (BS-IV) nationwide by 2020.

As part of the objective to produce higher-quality BS-VI gasoline, Axens, with its leadership in cracked gasoline selective hydro-desulfurization technology, Prime-G+®, offered tailor-made and cost effective solutions for existing or grassroots units for 14 different sites.

These Prime-G+® projects, for a 250,000 BPSD cumulated capacity, carried out in fast-track mode represent 100% awards in FCC gasoline hydro-treatment of the Indian public-sector refineries.

Axens is delighted to contribute to the successful accomplishment of this major step producing BS-VI-compliant fuels and thus improving air quality in India.

About Axens’ Prime-G+® Technology
Axens’ Prime-G+® technology is the world leader technology for FCC gasoline selective hydro-desulfurization with more than 300 commercial references. As the FCC gasoline is a major contributor to the gasoline production, Prime-G+® is a key unit to ensure the production of Ultra Low Sulfur gasoline (ULSG) complying with the most stringent environmental regulations.

The Prime-G+® technology specificity is to allow a deep hydro-desulfurization while keeping high octane number and has industrially demonstrated its capability to achieve less than 10 ppmwt sulfur content. Over the years the Prime-G+® has emerged as the key process unit for the refiners to meet the challenging gasoline specifications.


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