Refcomm® Galveston 2021 takes place May 10-14 as a virtual event

The 23rd annual Refcomm® Galveston will take place May 10 - 14, 2021 as a 100% virtual and on-demand event. In light of the uncertainty that still surrounds COVID-19, we have decided to transition RefComm Galveston 2021 from a hybrid to a fully virtual event. Just like the virtual event we hosted last November, RefComm Galveston 2021 will feature on-demand presentations with live Q&A, live presentations given by industry experts, a vendor spotlight program, virtual workgroups/breakouts, and lots of networking opportunities within the interactive exhibition hall.

RefComm is recognized as the premiere conference for operational and process excellence within the Delayed Coking (DCU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCCU), Solvent Deasphalting (SDA), and Sulfur Production and Processing units.
Benefits of Attending a Virtual Event

Though we will miss seeing our friends and colleagues in person, we recognize the benefits of providing our refiners and vendors with a 100% virtual, fully interactive and on-demand event.
* Safety: The safety of our refining community is paramount to us. Given the current rate of infection with COVID-19, a virtual event is the best way to honor this priority.

* Convenience: A virtual venue saves time and money, as well as sparing the inconvenience of travel and planning, making it more accessible to all.

* Broader Audience: A virtual event means broader access to a global audience (and more networking opportunities).

* Long Lasting Impressions: The virtual experience provides live and on-demand content available for several weeks following the close of the event, allowing you access that fits your schedule in the comfort of your home or office.

* Customizable: Vendors and attendees are able to curate a fully customized experience to maximize opportunities for learning and networking.
Refcomm, which celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year, was created in 1998 as an online resource for refiners, operators, engineers, and EPCs to share expertise and stories from the field. Over the decades, the company has expanded to provide consulting and training services. Nearly a quarter of a century later, Refcomm has remained true to its core mission of sharing valuable information, cutting-edge technology, and best practices within the DCU, FCCU, rHDC, SDA, and Sulfur communities.


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