Control combustion in thermal power with Servomex solutions and expertise

Servomex, the global leader in gas analysis, has combined its thermal power expertise into a video and podcast aimed at plant operators and managers, to enable them to address the challenges of coal-fired power generation.

This highly demanding application requires specialist knowledge, products and systems to ensure operators deliver the best possible process efficiencies while maintaining safety, controlling fuel costs and meeting emissions targets.

In this new campaign, Servomex experts reveal their knowledge, technology and products which provide world-leading combustion measurements for the coal-fired thermal process.

In the podcast, Application Development Manager Matt Halsey, and Product Manager Keith Warren examine the process and discuss common issues encountered by customers in the combustion process.  

Additionally, a new video examines how the SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 combustion analyzer helps to achieve optimum combustion for the most efficient process, reduces fuel costs leading to significant savings, and lowers emissions to comply with limits.

Utilising Servomex’s patented Zirconia and Thick-film Catalytic technologies, the FluegasExact 2700 measures oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications.

Find out more about combustion control and how to meet the challenges it poses: watch the video and the podcast HERE


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