KBC launches Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.2

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the release of Visual MESA® Production Accounting (VM-PA) 4.2 for yield accounting and data reconciliation in the oil, gas, and chemical industrial operations. Now, VM-PA 4.2 integrates with almost all data visualization tools for enhanced visibility of the reconciled balance data. By combining VM-PA with current or newly adopted dashboards, accounting reports become more transparent and reliable. The result is an optimized value chain, improved quality of reconciled data, and strengthened strategic decision-making.

A new feature that Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.2 includes is dynamic data reconciliation. This best-in-class production accounting software now provides the most comprehensive and reliable solution. By automating and standardizing the reconciled data for near real-time engineering balances, it streamlines the accounting function to produce highly accurate financial statements.

Combining dynamic data reconciliation with the enhanced visualization and digitalization features makes Visual MESA Production Accounting more relevant to a broad range of industrial sectors, including oil and gas downstream, upstream, bio-fuels, and chemical operations. With these new features, Visual MESA Production Accounting 4.2 eliminates routine calculations of material balances and helps clients overcome profit losses associated with human-error.

ÔÇťAs a result of this release, Visual MESA Production Accounting now serves as the client's single source of truth that helps merge reliable reconciled balances into decarbonization targets fast,ÔÇŁ concludes Federico Neira, product manager, VM-PA.

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