KBC announces update for multiflash modeling software

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) released an update to expand the features and capabilities of its Multiflash® modeling software that enhances accuracy and fluid predictions across several disciplines and applications. It is a flexible PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) and physical properties package that can easily integrate with custom solutions and workflows. This release helps process engineers automate and optimize workflows and improve model predictions.

This update is another example of KBCÔÇÖs commitment to deliver leading technologies to support industry partners on their digital transformation journey towards sustainable energy savings, emissions reductions, and decarbonization. Alessandro Speranza, Product Champion for PVT Technology at KBC, expressed his expectations for the release of Multiflash 7.3 software. "Amongst other things, the new tool, ThermoBuilder, launched with Multiflash 7.3 technology, expands the software's tuning and data regression capabilities to offer engineers a common, accurate, and customizable PVT engine for process and production optimization, assisting the industry in the journey to net zero." As the industry adapts to deeper automation through the deployment of integrated digital solutions, Multiflash 7.3 technology offers a highly reliable common platform for PVT modeling.

The following is a summary of the key capabilities and features of Multiflash 7.3 modeling software:

Modeling complex fluids updates give users access to a wider selection of high-accuracy models and equations of state to predict phase behavior and physical properties of complex and highly non-ideal mixtures. Users can select the most accurate model for their specific applications, from production, processing, and LNG (liquefied natural gas) to CCS (carbon capture and storage) or hydrogen production.

Data regression for engineers seeking to tailor models to proprietary data or specific cases allows users to import PVT or other physical properties and VLE (vapor-liquid equilibrium) data to regress and tune equations of state and properties models. Now, engineers can simplify and improve their workflows by having access to a range of accurate models and tools including PVT tuning, ThermoBuilder, Excel interface, and PRODML import.

Standard PVT enhancements allow operators to import/export fluid models and guarantees consistency across multiple applications and disciplines, from reservoir to process, with additional support of import/export capabilities for OLGA PH tables, Turbulent Flux, and CMG WinProp.

Interface expansions make PVT and physical property predictions accessible via desktop or cloud-based applications. Now, engineers can create and automatically execute workflows with field data, analytics, and other modeling tools. In addition to the previously supported interfaces (VB, Excel, Cape-Open, low-level API, and more), this new release includes full Python support and access to the standard Restful API, allowing a seamless integration of Multiflash 7.3 technology with cloud services and web applications.

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