Axens launches Jetanol™ brand for its Alcohol-to-Jet technology

Committed to offer mature and reliable Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technologies, Axens is pleased to announce the launch of the Jetanol™ brand for its Alcohol-to-Jet technology. Evidenced by its competitive selection this solution is being deployed for five industrial-scale projects that are now in the advanced stages of engineering and/or early phases of construction, with cumulative SAF production capacity of over 1.4 million tons (460 Million Gallons) per year.  

Starting from any type of low-carbon alcohol, Jetanol™ is the single-supplier, shovel-ready, end-to-end technology and catalyst solution that forms the bridge between the aviation industry’s commitment to a low-carbon future and sustainable feedstock providers.

The Jetanol™ project pipeline also includes feasibility studies and conceptual engineering efforts with a cumulative production capacity of over 1.5 million tons (500 Million Gallons) per year of SAF, for a total capacity approaching 3 million tons (1 billion Gallons) per year of SAF.

This recent wave of projects is triggered by the  net zero commitments by the aviation industry and consumer demand, in addition to national cleaner energy initiatives including the RED-III, Inflation Reduction Act, and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) programs in the EU, US, and Japan, respectively.

Axens is licensing Jetanol™ globally, with some region-specific partnerships and licensing approaches to support the sustainable aviation fuels industry. In all regions, Axens is supporting projects with a robust network of its own engineers, operations experts, worldwide catalyst manufacturing plants and tailor-made modular solutions, ensuring reliable project execution and a commitment for long-term unit support.

In the US, the Strategic ETJ Alliance formed in 2021 between Axens and Gevo Inc. offers industrial partners a complete value proposition from “farm-to-flight” via Gevo’s Net-Zero Integration Technology, and Verity Tracking (a carbon tracking solution),carbon tracking and renewable systems integration approach coupled with Axens Jetanol™ technology.


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