Enabling energy transitions with the Callidus® Ultra Blue® Burner System

(Webinar) - Join this webinar to learn how your renewable energy and net zero operations can dramatically lower nitric oxide (NOx) emissions with the Honeywell Callidus Ultra-Blue Burner system.

Fuels are changing in order to meet corporate commitments to carbon reduction and net zero goals. As your operations use more hydrogen and renewable fuels, production of nitric oxide is increasingly scrutinized in both external regulations and internal emissions targets. Attending this webinar will give you an overview of Honeywell’s Ultra-Blue system with Callidus Ultra-Blue Petrochemical (CUBP) burners. You will have the opportunity to learn about existing installations in both new and retrofit applications around the globe.

Register today to get the following benefits:
* Learn how CUBP burners achieve sub-5ppm NOx emissions on wide-ranging fuel sources.
* Explore project applications such as steam crackers, midstream/downstream process heaters, and blue hydrogen producing steam methane reformers.
* Discover ways to avoid using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) while still lowering NOx emissions.
* See examples of CUBP installations in both natural draft and highly efficient air preheated systems.

Kurt Kraus
Sr. Offering Manager
Honeywell UOP

You can view the on-demand WEBINAR HERE


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