• We have two identical Claus trains in the SRU unit. Since the start up of the unit, 1st Claus reheater can not heat process stream up to required value. RIT achieved in the 1st train is approximately 10 degC lower.

    What can be the possible causes and solutions?



  • Alex Varga, DEVCO, vargaalex@yahoo.com

    There are a number of possible reasons for this, I will touch on one of them.

    If the gas is not fed from a balanced pipe network with independent flow control into the SRU, then the SRU closest to one of the SRU's will tend to get more gas than the other one.

    Since pipe networks are difficult to change once the units are up, you may consider putting to independent flow controllers on each feed line and use a pressure controller to restrict the flow to the SRU closest to the pipe network header, forcing more gas to the furthest SRU allowing it to receive more feed.



  • ukyong lee, s-oil, leeuy@s-oil.com

    Check the pressure of shell.



  • tariq malik, CITGO, corpus6906@yahoo.com

     If a steam reheater, do not rule out a tube leak and inability to achieve RIT.


  • Nathan Hatcher, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., nate.hatcher@ogtrt.com

    To narrow down the possible causes, it would be helpful to know the type of Reheater and heating medium.