• How can we recover heat from boiler flue gas by maintaining dewpoint temperature?



  • Doug Morgan, Searles Valley Minerals, morgan@svminerals.com

    If you contact the flue gas directly with water in a scrubber, you can heat up the scrubber water and make more pure water. This makes the most sense when you:

    1. Are burning natural gas or some other fuel that won't contaminate the water and which has a high H2O/CO2 ratio,

    2. Have limited pure water resources but unlimited brakish or sea water to use for secondary cooling, and/or

    3. Plan on capturing the CO2 because removing the water increases the CO2 concentration upstream of the capture unit.



  • Joseph Gentry, GTC Vorro Technology, jgentry@gtcvorro.com

    You can expand the operating range for heat recovery by removing all of the sulfur species from the fuel gas with a process such as SweetTreat(TM), before burning in the boiler.  This way you can more effectively use the low-level heat without concern for acid-gas condensation and subsequent corrosion. Furthermore, the SO2 emissions will be reduced from the facility.



  • PRAKASH BHOSALE, ADNOC, prakash.bhosale06@icloud.com

    Consider for operation of furnace with hydrogen injection system. elaborate more on fuel type. If it is gas fired furnace the height of the stack too will reduce by considering hydrogen in fuel.



  • Robert Sakko, HeatMatrix Group BV, robert.sakko@heatmatrixgroup.com

    A polymer APH or economiser could be considered for this service. This allows heat recovery from flue gas beyond the ADP.