• If the steam turbine motive steam pressure becomes low than the actual pressure lets say 30bar operating pressure and dropped to 20 bar, can you please elaborate what is the effect of pressure on the governor, will it trip the compressor on what basis.



  • Muhammad Usman Saeed, PARCO, ing.usmansaeed@gmail.com

    Generally for most of Steam Turbine Vendors, they specify minimum, maximum and normal operating conditions of motive steam (Pressure Temperature mostly) for steam turbines. If the steam pressure drops and temperature remains same, steam will remains in superheated region and that will cause only reduction in RPMs of steam turbine. Governor will adjust its opening to tackle reduction in RPM up to certain limits. If steam pressure & temperature both dropped, steam will become saturated and will condense in steam turbine which can damage mainly impeller and other parts of steam turbine. Condensate in turbine cause high axial and radial vibrations. To avoid damage to equipment, Vibration Monitoring System (If Available for your case) generally used for steam turbine and compressor monitor vibrations and will trip turbine if that increase beyond its trip value.

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