• We pressurize the system with nitrogen gas before start up period in order to sweep the whole water from the system. However every time the gas gets stuck somewhere in the equipments. For example; we had a problem last time. We pressurize the system up to 0.5 bar. Then nitrogen gas has drained from everywhere until the system has not contain any water. Then we start to take flushing oil into the system (a kind of crude blend like slop). While taking flushing oil, we have noticed that the temperature of the middle of the column has not risen. Normally the temperature in that point is 160 oC instead of 110 oC. We have observed same scenario at another column. As a result, after we took flushing oil into the system, we have a lot of difficulty about draining nitrogen from the system. What can you think about that issue, what can you suggest about nitrogen usage for draining fluid state from the system.




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