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Ariel compressors are designed, manufactured, and packaged to exceed your expectations. We lead the world in the development of modern compression technology with non-cooled cylinders, high-speed, driver-rated design and market-driven innovation. When it comes to compression technology, we are determined to remain the compressor of choice.

Ariel is the largest manufacturer of Reciprocating Gas Compressors in the world, setting the standard in quality, reliability, and customer support. Since 1966, Ariel has shipped over 60,000 compressors. In over 100 countries, Ariel maintains a reputation of safe, rugged, and long-lasting equipment.

Ariel's application-based engineering is designed to help our customers plan for the future and prepare for the unexpected. From modernizing an aging infrastructure to eliminating downtime and reducing operating costs, Ariel's world class compressors combine durable innovation with over 50 years of expert industry experience.

Ariel offers application specific components, engineered to ensure the performance, safety, and reliability the industry demands.

Upstream: The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry covers the exploration, recovery, and production of underground or underwater oil and gas fields for Acid-Gas Injection, Enhanced Oil Recover (EOR), Natural Gas Gathering, Air and Nitrogen Injection and Landfill.

Midstream: The midstream sector of the oil and gas industry covers the processing, storing, marketing, and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids encompassing Pipeline Transmission and Gas Storage Injection Withdrawal.

Downstrean & Refinery: The Downstream sector of the oil and gas industry covers the Refining and transformation of hydrocarbons into more valuable products such as fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals, including fertilizers, rubbers, and polymers providing equipment for compressed natural gas (CNG) and Refining, Petrochemical and industrial gas industries.

Supporting this ever-growing fleet is a network of Ariel professionals who are available 24/7. A lean manufacturing group that produces parts of the highest quality for both new unit assembly and aftermarket support backs Ariel's engineering and technical services professionals.