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UOP XCeed™ bioreactor for industrial wastewater treatment

UOP’s proven XCeed™ bioreactor system helps solve contaminant removal challenges, meet wastewater regulation requirements and improve process operation efficiency.

XOS MWDXRF simulation

Proprietary doubly curved crystal optics create an ideal monochromatic excitation beam that maximized the desired signal while minimizing radiation interference, ultimately improving sensitivity.

Standard recycle flowsheet

This case demonstrates the simulation of a standard, single-recycle, gas treating plant and shows speedy convergence and the ready availability of temperature and composition profiles to aid the interpretation of results.

BASF product portfolio for Refineries

This video demonstrates BASF’ expertise applied along Oil Value Chain of the Conversion of crude oil into fuels with high performance characteristics. It presents BASF’ broad product portfolio for Refining, NGL Transportation, Fuel Production and Storage. The portfolio consists ...

Shell Reactor Internals - Transforming Energy Together

Shell’s experienced Reactor Internals team reduces the fear and nervousness associated with shutting down a part of your refinery, making the process quick, simple, easy and pain-free. It’s a relationship with us, not just a business transaction. That relationship ends up in ...

5th opportunity crudes conference

Consider joining us for the 5th Opportunity Crudes Conference, to be held in Houston, Texas in Oct. 2016. The theme is "Effective Ways to Evaluate, Prepare, and Process Changing Crudes".

Koch-Glitsch & Koch Specialty Plant Services One Source Solution

With ONE-SOURCE SOLUTION, Koch-Glitsch and Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC, combine their expertise in equipment and installation services to identify opportunities that can reduce downtime and total project costs, while working to optimize equipment designs for safe installations and ...

Torus™ quench mixer - internals design, reimagined

As fuel specifications worldwide tightens, the role of reactor internals has become crucial to achieve optimal conditions in hydroprocessing reactors. Even minor irregularities in your mixing operation can result in maldistribution, ultimately leading to off-spec products and loss of profit. ...

New from Albemarle R&D: KF 870 and KF 880 STARS®

At Albemarle, we intelligently leverage catalyst technology to extract maximum value. We work hard to understand each client’s unique challenges and goals and are eager to introduce two new additions to our portfolio of Intelligent Catalysts.

Burckhardt Compression company movie

Burckhardt Compression is a global market leader in the field of reciprocating compressors. It is the only manufacturer that covers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies. Compressor systems are designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements in the ...

Short monikers & moniker clipboard

This video illustrates how to create Short Monikers in ProMax. Short Monikers allow the user to create shortcut paths to properties that they can then use in calculators or can display on the flowsheet.

CATnap catalyst removal technology by Cat Tech

CATNap® patented technology eliminates the need for working in dangerous nitrogen filled environment typically created in Hydrotreaters and Hydrocrackers whilst routine maintenance is carried out. Whilst standard industry practice has historically dictated that the removal of self-heating ...

Combustion analysis

This video illustrates the Combustion analysis that can be performed in any stream within ProMax. This analysis provides additional calculations including the required oxygen for combustion, heating values on multiple basis, and stream energy content.

Comprimo Plug & Play Modular Caustic Scrubber

The Modular Caustic Scrubber unit by Comprimo is designed by experts using our proprietary, licensed technology. All modules are sized to fit unit capacity and project specific transportation limitations. Featured in the surroundings of the complete Comprimo modular proposition.

Chentronics / John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Exiter

Gas turbine igniters wear out. But Chentronics’ gas turbine ignitors feature fully integrated predictive diagnostics so you can know when ignition faults are going to occur, allowing you to replace the igniter tip before that happens.

Johnson Matthey - Increasing FCC Propylene Supply

The FCC accounts for up to 35% of the world’s propylene supply.  With this in mind refiners are looking to increase propylene yield while bridging the shortfalls.

TK-611 HyBRIM™ nikel moly catalyst

Launch video for the new TK-611 HyBRIM™ nikel moly catalyst.

ERTC 2018 | Interview with Richard de Caux, BP

Richard de Caux, Head of Refining Analysis, BP was a Keynote Speaker at ERTC 2018 in Cannes. In this interview, Richard tells us more about what factors are driving refining margins, the impact of MARPOL regulations and the long-term future of oil demand. He also speaks about the adjustments ...

OSIsoft: What We Do

How do you access and learn from critical data that resides in multiple incompatible systems across the enterprise? It's a complex problem with a surprisingly simple solution - the PI System™. Quick and easy to install, collect data from and build upon, the PI System quickly reveals ...

Tier 3 gasoline - a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Part 1 Is the industry ready? Hoekstra OPIS talk 2019. This is the first of three video segments analyzing the US refining industry's readiness for the Tier 3 gasoline standard which requires an annual average of 10 ppm sulfur in gasoline sold in the United States starting in 2020.  ...

Process simulation for tank loss calculations

This video shows how to calculate and report tank emissions using a ProMax process simulation model. These emissions include Working/Breathing losses, Loading losses, and Flashing losses.

Introducing Shell Turbo Trays

Shell's new absorption column internals to further enhance process performance.

Grabner Instruments - fuel analyzer

The MINISCAN IRXpert is an intelligent completely portable multifuel analyzer for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and Biofuel Blends. More than 70 fuel parameters are accurately determined by scanning the complete spectrum with superior resolution

Albemarle Nebula® catalyst

Nebula® is the latest, highest activity shaped base metal catalyst and is the gold standard in catalytic hydrotreating. Jointly developed by Albemarle and ExxonMobil, Nebula has been successfully applied in practically all HPC applications, from naphtha hydrotreating to hydrocracking ...

OTVS reduce plot space

See how our patent-pending Oil Treating Variance Solution (OTVS) system significantly reduces well-pad size requirements compared to traditional heater treaters.

UOP advanced MTO process

Overview of Honeywell UOP's Advanced Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process that converts coal or natural gas to key plastics building blocks.


Petra MAX™ delivers advanced D4294 sulfur analysis in addition to 12 elements from P to Zn including Ni, V, and Fe. This robust benchtop analyzer complies with ASTM D4294 and ISO 8754 for measuring sulfur in hydrocarbons. Petra MAX is powered by HDXRF, utilizing XOS patented doubly ...

Heat exchanger sizing

This video demonstrates how to rate and size a heat exchanger in ProMax®.  You will learn how to use a solver to determine the length your heat exchanger needs to be.

Column convergence tips

This video demonstrates tips for getting difficult columns to converge within a ProMax simulation. The Convergence tab within a column is discussed as well as what column specifications are easiest to solve. A pumparound estimate is also demonstrated.

Introducing ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing

ExxonMobil's refining, chemical manufacturing, and gas processing technologies, along with their assortment of specialty catalysts, are used at EM's own facilities and are offered for license to customers.

Best practices for measuring sulfur in gasoline to meet tier 3 requirements using MWDXRF

Is your organization fully prepared for the Tier 3 regulations in effect as of January 2017? Data quality is critical to ensure compliance, and I’ve put together some best practices to help you prepare for what’s coming.   In this webinar video, you will learn about ...

Interview with Andy Gosse from Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Andy Gosse, President, Shell Catalysts & Technologies spoke at ERTC 2019 in Warsaw. He took part in the Technology Trend-Setters Panel on "Preparing the Plants of Tomorrow for the Energy Transition".

Scenario tool copying and adjusting scenarios

This video illustrates how to create multiple scenarios by copying an existing scenario and then adjusting the Excel sheet, cells, & ProMax objects referred to by the Scenario Tool.

Fast analysis of non-traditional gasoline additives with GC-VUV

Fast analysis on non-traditional gasoline additives with gas chromatography-vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy.

ProMax blocks - pipeline

This video illustrates the pipeline block available within ProMax. Multiple segments can be created within the same block to account for fittings, elevation changes, reducers, etc.  Insulation can also be included. Attaching a Q-stream to the block allows for heat transfer to the ...

Interview with Jean-Marc Sohier from Concawe

Jean-Marc Sohier, Science Director, Concawe spoke at ERTC 2019 in Warsaw about "Refinery 2050: A Conceptual Assessment": - How far away is battery technology from being rolled out to create a sustainable fleet of electric vehicles? - Projecting how soon refiners will have ...

Servomex Laser 3 Plus - installation video

Watch the new SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus TDL cross-stack analyzer range be installed in five steps by one person.

Depressurization tool

This video illustrates how to use the Depressurization Example stencil within ProMax. The video describes the different types of cases and calculations performed by this stencil and demonstrates its use for two different cases. A short demonstration of how to calculate the relief temperature ...

50 minute detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) of gasoline by GC-VUV

50 minute detailed hydrocarbon analysis of gasoline using gas chromatography - vacuum ultraviolet adsorption spectroscopy

Crystaphase, there is no magic behind reactor performance

It’s not magic. It’s science. Hydroprocessors know the wall that lies between them and peak reactor performance. Fouling, pressure drop, precipitation, agglomeration, polymerization, and catalyst deactivation, these obstacles build up, block by block. We help you break through ...