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Standard recycle flowsheet

This case demonstrates the simulation of a standard, single-recycle, gas treating plant and shows speedy convergence and the ready availability of temperature and composition profiles to aid the interpretation of results.

Linde Engineering Dresden cutting-edge plant services

Linde Engineering Dresden is a world-leading partner for the design, delivery and construction of CO₂, polyolefin, pilot and special plants. We also specialise in gas terminals and compressor stations and are world-renowned for our expertise in complex plant revamps. Customers choose ...

Linde digitalisation - turning data into value

The world is getting more and more connected, everything is generating data. The engineering and industrial gases company Linde has found smart ways to turn the tons of available data into real value for its customers.

Solutions for combustion control

Matt Halsey and David Fahle discuss the SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 and SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Combustion and their roles in combustion control.

Clora demonstration

Chlorine analysis in liquid hydrocarbons, aqueous solutions and catalyst.

Scenario tool copying and adjusting scenarios

This video illustrates how to create multiple scenarios by copying an existing scenario and then adjusting the Excel sheet, cells, & ProMax objects referred to by the Scenario Tool.

Heat Exchangers - we can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm

Tracerco has been at the forefront of online leak detection for the last 50 years and can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm. If you have a leak, we can identify the specific exchanger where it's happening. We can identify which exchanger within a bank is leaking. The method is non-intrusive, ...

Linde Engineering facts and figures - our achievements

Linde Engineering has delivered 4,000 plants worldwide. From initial design to the delivery of turnkey facilities  - on time and on budget – we deliver. Get the facts and figures.

Introducing Sindie +Cl

Exciting news here at XOS, we’ve just launched Sindie +Cl! Sindie +Cl is a sulfur and chlorine analyzer delivering two critical measurements with one push of a button and zero hassle. It is the ideal solution for refineries and independent labs to certify sulfur levels in finished ...

SK-501 Flex™ high temperature shift (HTS) catalyst

Plant optimization has long been limited by a minimum steam-to-carbon requirement imposed by conventional high temperature shift catalysts. With the new SK-501 Flex™, this limitation is removed, giving you the flexibility you need to achieve maximum profitability.

Grabner Instruments company movie

Since 25 years, Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. is known as one of the most innovative companies world wide developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment. Grabner Instruments' success is based on the development of highly innovative, fully automated, ...

Axens Symphony™ reforming catalysts

The next generation of higher performance reforming catalysts. Based on more than 100 years of accumulated experience Axens has developed Symphony™, the next generation of higher performance reforming catalysts born from a harmonious orchestration of expertise designed to yield superior ...

Grabner Instruments distillation unit

MINIDIS ADXpert is a portable, true atmospheric und automatic distillation analyzer for the analysis of hydrocarbons, solvents and other liquids. Designed for laboratory and field use and offers a smart alternative to classical D86 testing.

Piping & Flare Systems - determine vapour flow and sludge build-up

Tracerco routinely provides flowrate, leak testing, pipe scanning and meter calibration services. Fast, accurate, and cost effective, our technology will help you determine the flow of vapour, build-up of sludge and other fouling materials in process piping or flarelines. The technology ...

ProMax block – oil speciation

This video illustrates how to use the Oil Speciation block within ProMax.  This block is used to convert a crude assay into composition data.

OHL Gutermuth industrial valves company video

OHL Gutermuth Industrial Valves can refer to its nearly 150-year history. The beginnings date back to 1867, when OHL was founded in Limburg. Almost 60 years later, in 1923, the company Gutermuth was founded in Frankfurt. In 1992 the two companies merged. Since then, OHL Gutermuth Industrial ...

Discover Axens catalysts & adsorbents business unit

Axens Catalysts & Adsorbents Business Unit manufactures and sells catalysts & adsorbents globally for Axens. From challenges to come to Axens values, Axens Executive VP Patrick Sarrazin answers 3 questions in a short interview.

Depressurization tool

This video illustrates how to use the Depressurization Example stencil within ProMax. The video describes the different types of cases and calculations performed by this stencil and demonstrates its use for two different cases. A short demonstration of how to calculate the relief temperature ...

Grabner Instruments - fuel analyzer

The MINISCAN IRXpert is an intelligent completely portable multifuel analyzer for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and Biofuel Blends. More than 70 fuel parameters are accurately determined by scanning the complete spectrum with superior resolution

Welcome to Honeywell connected plant

Honeywell Connected Plant's UOP solutions are cloud-based service to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance.

Tier 3 gasoline - a wolf in sheep's clothing? Part 2 the octane problem

This is the second of three video segments analyzing the US refining industry's readiness for the Tier 3 gasoline standard which requires an annual average of 10 ppm sulfur in gasoline sold in the United States starting in 2020. After six years to get ready, and now just two months before ...

Linde Global Innovation 2017

Take part in the Global Innovation Challenge by posting your ideas for innovative business concepts on a dedicated online platform. The winning team will get the chance to pitch their concept and bring it to life.

How to detect valve failures with automated pV diagram analyses

Learn how automated pV diagram analyses detect valve failures. Valves count for more than 80% of all failing components in reciprocating compressors. This tutorial explains how failures can be detected by the shape of the pV plot and which parameters should be monitored.

Dunn Heat Exchangers - services

Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. offers the safest, most efficient means to clean and repair industrial grade heat exchangers. Our facilities also provide us with the ability to handle new fabrication work as well as decommission out of service equipment. These benefits make Dunn the right choice ...

Grabner Instruments - vapor pressure analyzer

MINIVAP vapor pressure testers are utilized in most major oil and pipeline companies as well as independent test and research laboratories worldwide. Applications include volatility compliance control of gasoline-oxygenate blends and aviation gasolines, crude oil testing in the laboratory, at ...

Fuel properties analysis

This video illustrates the Fuel Properties analysis available in any stream within ProMax. This analysis calculates fuel properties such as ASTM D93 flash point, research octane number, and ASTM D86 cut points.

Organizing a flowsheet – stream and block tips

This video demonstrates quick and easy ways to help organize streams & blocks on the flowsheet to make your simulations easier to read and more presentable. This includes how to make stream lines straight, how to flip blocks horizontally or vertically, and how to align multiple bl ...

Monitoring of compressor valves Tutorial

Monitoring of compressor valves is a key task to ensure efficient compressor operation. Machine operators have three options for reliable failure detection: 1) segmented analyses of the cylinder vibration 2) analyses of dynamic pressures or 3) a combination of both analyses. This video ...

Excel import / export with ProMax

This video illustrates how to use the Import/Export features between Excel and ProMax.  Information can be imported from Excel into ProMax, and ProMax calculations can be exported into Excel for reporting.

Ionic info analysis

This video illustrates the Ionic Info analysis that can be performed within ProMax streams. This analysis calculates pH, ionic concentrations, and salt compositions within a stream.

Downstream Industry: Axens 2016 Market Outlook

How did 2015 crude oversupply affect fuel demand and refined products demand? What were the consequences for refiners? What are the 2016 forecasts? How will the 2015 Paris Agreement influence this context?

Inside the Servomex UK Technical Centre

A look inside Servomex's world-leading UK Technical Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex – where Hummingbird sensing technologies and Servomex gas analyzers are built to the highest quality standards in our leading-edge clean room and manufacturing facilities.

Distillation curve analysis

This video illustrates the Distillation Curves analysis within ProMax streams. This analysis can generate the following boiling curve types: TBP, ASTM D86, ASTM D1160, ASTM D2887/SD, and EFV.

Standard XRF sample cups vs. accucell

Some Accucell benefits include pre-assembly to eliminate handling and assembly of cup and film, single discharge of pipette fills the cup to speed preparation, as well as a pre-vented design that eliminates contamination.

Composition subset analysis

This video illustrates how to use the Composition Subset Analysis available in ProMax 4.0. This analysis allows the user to quickly sum up any desired group of components. Some common uses include the summation of BTEX and other emissions related categories or the summation of heavy hydrocarbons ...

Are you ready for MARPOL?

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to implement the MARPOL Annex VI, all ships must globally reduce their emissions of sulfur by 86% before 2020. This fact is bound to have a huge impact on the shipping as well as the refinery industry. But exactly what will happen? ...

ProMax blocks - pipeline

This video illustrates the pipeline block available within ProMax. Multiple segments can be created within the same block to account for fittings, elevation changes, reducers, etc.  Insulation can also be included. Attaching a Q-stream to the block allows for heat transfer to the ...

Linde Engineering. Tobolsk. One of the world´s largest ethylene crackers

Since 2012, Linde has been working on one of the world’s largest olefin processing plants in Tobolsk, designed to generate high-quality feedstock for polymer production. In total, around 100,000 tonnes of concrete and 60,000 tonnes of steel are going into Tobolsk2’ s construction, ...

ERTC 2018 | Interview with Tracy Ellerington, Solomon Associates

Tracy Ellerington, Director, Europe and Russia Operations, Solomon Associates spoke at ERTC 2018 on the World’s Best Refineries. In this Interview, Tracy tells us more about the 11 World's Best Refineries and what makes them the best: they're good at energy efficiency, reliability, ...

Creating user values – ambient temperature example

This video illustrates how to create user values within ProMax. Ambient temperature is the example shown as a variable the user could create and then use in the simulation.