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Piping & Flare Systems - determine vapour flow and sludge build-up

Tracerco routinely provides flowrate, leak testing, pipe scanning and meter calibration services. Fast, accurate, and cost effective, our technology will help you determine the flow of vapour, build-up of sludge and other fouling materials in process piping or flarelines. The technology ...

Fuel properties analysis

This video illustrates the Fuel Properties analysis available in any stream within ProMax. This analysis calculates fuel properties such as ASTM D93 flash point, research octane number, and ASTM D86 cut points.

Separator sizing

This video demonstrates how to size a separator vessel using ProMax.

WirelessHART® remote antenna installation guidelines

This video discusses best practices for mounting the remote antenna for maximum range for different installations.

How multivariable transmitters work

This video provides an in depth explanation of how multivariable pressure transmitters combine three measurements into one to lower overall installation cost and make a more accurate flow measurement. The mass flow equation is altered by factors such as density that are affected by changes ...

Grabner Instruments - flashpoint tester

MINIFLASH TOUCH is the latest addition to the Grabner Instruments line of portable flashpoint testers. Measurements are performed according to the safest flash point methods ASTM D6450 and D7094. The results are rated equivalent to ASTM D93 Pensky Martens Method

How to install WirelessHART® antenna coax to a bulkhead connector

This video demonstrates how to install a remote antenna with a bulkhead connection to the gateway.

PROGNOST®-NT VISU online signal presentation

In this video the vizualisation of online sensor signals from a running compressor is shown.

Rosemount 3051S high pressure differential pressure transmitter

Process industries are increasingly operating in conditions with extreemely high working pressures and face significant measurement challenges.  The Rosemount 3051S High Static DP Transmitter is capable of measuring differential pressures in applications with maximum working pressures ...

StaBlox™ Flue Gas Tunnel System

The Blasch StaBlox Tunnel System is a versatile, mechanically stable system consisting of a series of stackable, interlocking blocks. The StaBlox system allows for an extremely fast, easy installation while at the same time offering a much higher level of reliability with ...

Linde Engineering facts and figures - our business

Linde Engineering is the perfect partner in all sectors of industry: from crude oil, natural gas extraction and refining to chemical and metal processing. Get the facts and figures.

Global warming potential calculator

This is a video that describes how the global warming potential calculator works in ProMax. It is used for calculating the Global warming potential of a stream. The model used to demonstrate this feature is a based on a separator.

Hydrogen purification technology

Honeywell UOP has been a leader in hydrogen purification and management for more than 50 years. Explore Honeywell UOP's hydrogen purification solution - PSA.

ProMax blocks - callouts

This video illustrates the callout shape within ProMax, which allows the user to display information about a stream on the flowsheet.

Axens Symphony™ reforming catalysts

The next generation of higher performance reforming catalysts. Based on more than 100 years of accumulated experience Axens has developed Symphony™, the next generation of higher performance reforming catalysts born from a harmonious orchestration of expertise designed to yield superior ...

Grabner Instruments - fuel analyzer

The MINISCAN IRXpert is an intelligent completely portable multifuel analyzer for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and Biofuel Blends. More than 70 fuel parameters are accurately determined by scanning the complete spectrum with superior resolution

Tracerco measurement instruments and servicing videos

Introducing our award winning range of downstream process instrumentation.

Depressurization tool

This video illustrates how to use the Depressurization Example stencil within ProMax. The video describes the different types of cases and calculations performed by this stencil and demonstrates its use for two different cases. A short demonstration of how to calculate the relief temperature ...

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing: The Pursuit

Pursuing Growth. Understanding Challenges. Implementing Solutions.

Composition subset analysis

This video illustrates how to use the Composition Subset Analysis available in ProMax 4.0. This analysis allows the user to quickly sum up any desired group of components. Some common uses include the summation of BTEX and other emissions related categories or the summation of heavy hydrocarbons ...

Intelligent Machine Monitoring - Episode Segmentation

Learn why radial and piston compressors each require special analyses for vibration monitoring.

Clora demonstration

Chlorine analysis in liquid hydrocarbons, aqueous solutions and catalyst.

Simple specifier

This video illustrates how to create Simple Specifiers within ProMax.

Emerson Wireless 1420 gateway outdoor installation video checklist

This video provides a checklist and key points for mounting the Emerson Wireless 1420 Gateway outdoors.

Heat Exchangers - we can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm

Tracerco has been at the forefront of online leak detection for the last 50 years and can detect leaks to as low as 1ppm. If you have a leak, we can identify the specific exchanger where it's happening. We can identify which exchanger within a bank is leaking. The method is non-intrusive, ...

The Linde Group - making a difference

The Linde Group as a leading gases and engineering company with approximately 63,500 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide serves customers around the globe, by supplying industrial & medical gases, related application technology, trainings & services and by being ...

WRA top tips for networking at a conference

Hear from our Marketing Manager Rosie Brewster on our top tips for anyone networking at conferences!

TK-611 HyBRIM™ nikel moly catalyst

Launch video for the new TK-611 HyBRIM™ nikel moly catalyst.

Clora - MWDXRF animation

Clora® Analyzers provide breakthrough analysis of chlorine concentration in petroleum at levels below 0.5 ppm without consumable gasses, without elevated temperature processes.

XOS MWDXRF simulation

Proprietary doubly curved crystal optics create an ideal monochromatic excitation beam that maximized the desired signal while minimizing radiation interference, ultimately improving sensitivity.

SK-501 Flex™ high temperature shift (HTS) catalyst

Plant optimization has long been limited by a minimum steam-to-carbon requirement imposed by conventional high temperature shift catalysts. With the new SK-501 Flex™, this limitation is removed, giving you the flexibility you need to achieve maximum profitability.

OHL Gutermuth industrial valves company video

OHL Gutermuth Industrial Valves can refer to its nearly 150-year history. The beginnings date back to 1867, when OHL was founded in Limburg. Almost 60 years later, in 1923, the company Gutermuth was founded in Frankfurt. In 1992 the two companies merged. Since then, OHL Gutermuth Industrial ...

Improve batch repeatability with the Rosemount 3051HT hygienic pressure transmitter

Life Sciences and Food and Beverage industries are facing continuous pressure to reduce costs and cycle time while maintaining repeatable and accurate pressure measurements to comply with strict government regulations and ensure consistent product quality. The Rosemount 3051HT Hygienic ...

Gain process insight to optimize every point with Rosemount 3051S series of instrumentation

Optimize productivity with pressure, flow and level solutions that work across all points of your operation. Gain unprecedented visibility into your process with the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation.

Are you ready for MARPOL?

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to implement the MARPOL Annex VI, all ships must globally reduce their emissions of sulfur by 86% before 2020. This fact is bound to have a huge impact on the shipping as well as the refinery industry. But exactly what will happen? ...

HyOctane™ - squeeze more value out of your FCC gasoline

Do you ever wonder why there is so little competition in the FCC gasoline post-treatment catalyst market? Well, we did, and now there’s a better choice.

Honeywell UOP Flare Pilot Flame Ionization Detector

The UOP Callidus flare pilot ionization system is designed to detect flame under all-weather conditions and lasts longer than other flame ionization technology.

Dunn Heat Exchangers - services

Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. offers the safest, most efficient means to clean and repair industrial grade heat exchangers. Our facilities also provide us with the ability to handle new fabrication work as well as decommission out of service equipment. These benefits make Dunn the right choice ...

Control valve analysis    

This video illustrates the Control Valve analysis that can be performed within any stream in ProMax. This analysis calculates valve opening, valve Cv, and pressure drop according to the selected valve type. The video also shows how these calculations can be applied inside of a valve block ...

GXM1™ high capacity premium granulator

In response to the need for a new generation of formed sulphur to meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed by both environmental considerations and customer preference, Enersul developed and successfully commercialized the sulphur forming process known as the GX™ granulating ...