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Short monikers & moniker clipboard

This video illustrates how to create Short Monikers in ProMax. Short Monikers allow the user to create shortcut paths to properties that they can then use in calculators or can display on the flowsheet.

Axens CEO Jean Sentenac presenting Axens HS-FCC technology

Video extract from S-Oil movie focusing on S-Oil Residue Upgrading Complex & Olefin Downstream Complex Project, featuring Axens CEO Jean Sentenac presenting Axens HS-FCC technology.

An Integrated Approach to the FCC Pretreat + FCC Unit

In the FCC Pretreat (FCCPT) application, performance is measured by many metrics and success is achieved thru the application of a custom-designed catalyst system. We work with customers to access the feeds, designs and objectives of the integrated FCC PT / FCC complex and develop a solution ...

Global warming potential calculator

This is a video that describes how the global warming potential calculator works in ProMax. It is used for calculating the Global warming potential of a stream. The model used to demonstrate this feature is a based on a separator.

Sindie: trace sulfur in fuel analysis

Imagine a smarter sulfur analysis solution free of compromise and hassle. Sindie® benchtop analyzers offer just that - easy and hassle-free operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, accuracy, and precision. Powered by MWDXRF, these analyzers provide direct measurement and do ...

Premiere of opportunity crudes management seminars

This video is the "Premiere of Opportunity Crudes Management Seminars (OCMS). It is a sample video of the OCMS series.  To show you the rich content of OCMS, this video contains most of the materials from Video#1 addressing non-metal contaminants in crude oil, which was released ...

Johnson Matthey - Increasing FCC Propylene Supply

The FCC accounts for up to 35% of the world’s propylene supply.  With this in mind refiners are looking to increase propylene yield while bridging the shortfalls.

Packed bed towers - scrubber

We offer diagnostic solutions to identify bulk level, damaged internal hardware, and distribution, residence time and flow data for scrubbers. By using specialist tracers, we can measure the performance of scrubbers to establish residence time and distribution, carry over and carry under ...

ERTC 2018 | Interview with Christophe Vuillez, TOTAL

Christophe Vuillez, Senior Vice President Strategy, Development & Research for Refining & Chemicals, Total was our Keynote Speaker at ERTC 2018. In this interview, Christophe speaks about his role at Total, their Joint Venture with Saudi Aramco, how Total is responding to the increasing ...

HuiZhou ChungShun uses Zeolite catalyst for cumene production

Demand for petrochemicals in China continues to grow at a rapid pace and manufacturers like HuiZhou ChungShun compete to maximize their capacity and overcome any operating constraints in their plants. Through ExxonMobil's cumene catalyst and technical support, HuiZhou Chungshun leveraged ...

SK-501 Flex™ high temperature shift (HTS) catalyst

Plant optimization has long been limited by a minimum steam-to-carbon requirement imposed by conventional high temperature shift catalysts. With the new SK-501 Flex™, this limitation is removed, giving you the flexibility you need to achieve maximum profitability.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking - improve productivity and plan maintenance efficiently

Tracerco can help you understand catalyst and process flow behaviour inside your Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit, so you can improve productivity, identify problems and plan maintenance efficiently. Using a Tru-Scan™, we can measure the height of the catalyst level in the ...

CATcade reformer loading by Cat Tech

CATcade Reformer Loading is unique to Cat-Tech and offers a way in which consistent and uniform loading can take place within Primary Reformer units. The key factor is for the catalyst not to be damaged whilst being loaded and with the help of out velocity breakers our CATcade system ...

HDXRF applications on petroleum sample

HDXRF uses innovative doubly curved crystal optics to create monochromatic sample excitation that lowers background noise for clear analysis.

Creating user values – ambient temperature example

ProMax allows a user to create their own variables or properties within the simulation. This video shows how to create a User Value to represent Ambient temperature.

Multistage refrigerant tips

This video illustrates useful tips for solving multi-stage chillers in ProMax®. The video demonstrates a simple method for estimating the amount of refrigerant required. A solver to find the actual refrigerant flow required is then created followed by a discussion on solver algorithms ...

Fast analysis of non-traditional gasoline additives with GC-VUV

Fast analysis on non-traditional gasoline additives with gas chromatography-vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy.

Process simulation for air permits and emission reports

Do you need to calculate your emissions from an atmospheric tank? This video shows how to predict and report VOCs, BTEX, HAPs, and Greenhouse Gas emissions from an atmospheric tank using a ProMax process simulation model.

ProMax Blocks - property tables

This video illustrates the property table shape within ProMax, which allows the user to display information about multiple streams or blocks side-by-side on the flowsheet.

KBC Co-Pilot

Just as the co-pilot of an aircraft is there to assist the pilot with additional knowledge, and to step in and help at times of intense activity, the KBC Co-Pilot is there to remotely support your facility with our expertise, insight and technology, supplementing your own capabilities ...

Meet the refinery of the future head on

Now, meet the people who are creating it. Honeywell UOP is helping refiners like you, rethink their business models to meet market demands today, and prepare for tomorrow. Find out how we work with future-forward owners and operators to achieve profitable growth and capture more value ...

Servomex Laser 3 Plus

Servomex has launched the SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus range, the world's smallest Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analyzers which can be specifically optimized for combustion, ammonia slip and process control applications in the hydrocarbon processing sector.

Shell Gasification Process (SGP)

Monetise low-value refinery residues, asphaltenes, heavy oils, gas or biomass by converting them into syngas. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ Residue and Natural Gas Gasification process upgrades the bottom-of-the-barrel and other low-value streams into synthesis gas (carbon ...

Discover Axens catalysts & adsorbents business unit

Axens Catalysts & Adsorbents Business Unit manufactures and sells catalysts & adsorbents globally for Axens. From challenges to come to Axens values, Axens Executive VP Patrick Sarrazin answers 3 questions in a short interview.

Axens Powering Integrated Solutions

Axens is a worldwide group that provides a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, for the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates as well as for gas treatment and conversion options. The offer includes technologies, ...

A standardized activity test for diesel hydrotreating catalysts

This standardized pilot plant test has been used to test and rank 40 catalysts from all major vendors.

Blasch Split Flow, 2 Zone Furnace

Senior Market Manager Jeff Bolebruch discusses the process improvements that can be expected when adding our VectorWall mixing system to your reaction furnace.

Tier 3 gasoline - a wolf in sheep's clothing? Part 3 predictions

This is the third of three video segments analyzing the US refining industry's readiness for the Tier 3 gasoline standard which requires an annual average of 10 ppm sulfur in gasoline sold in the United States starting in 2020. After six years to get ready, and now just two months before ...

Hydrogen purification technology

Honeywell UOP has been a leader in hydrogen purification and management for more than 50 years. Explore Honeywell UOP's hydrogen purification solution - PSA.

Clora overview

Clora® Analyzers provide breakthrough analysis of chlorine concentration in petroleum at levels below 0.5 ppm without consumable gasses, without elevated temperature processes.

Grabner Instruments distillation unit

MINIDIS ADXpert is a portable, true atmospheric und automatic distillation analyzer for the analysis of hydrocarbons, solvents and other liquids. Designed for laboratory and field use and offers a smart alternative to classical D86 testing.

Heat exchanger sizing

This video demonstrates how to rate and size a heat exchanger in ProMax®.  You will learn how to use a solver to determine the length your heat exchanger needs to be.

IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology

IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology: A unique hydroprocessing technology, products and services help refiners make cleaner fuel efficiently and cost-effectively. IsoTherming® Technology is suitable in grassroots or revamp applications.

Introducing Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Introducing Shell Catalysts & Technologies – a powerful integration of CRI, Criterion and Shell Global Solutions reorganized to work seamlessly for the energy and petrochemical industries. Our offering builds upon the promise of strong relationships to invigorate more collaboration, ...

XOS On-Line Technology - Animation

Sindie Online is an industrial-grade process analyzer delivering continuous sulfur detection to monitor fuel streams and help to prevent tank contamination. Powered by MWDXRF, Sindie Online has an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio using monochromatic excitation of the X-ray source characteristic ...

Scenario tool – EZ setup tool

This video illustrates the EZ Setup Tool feature within a ProMax simulation.  This tool works as a shortcut for the Scenario Tool.  The EZ Setup Tool allows the user to specify which variables to change and what range of values to use for each variable.  ProMax will then ...

Mass transfer columns

This video demonstrates how to setup a mass transfer column within ProMax 4.0.

Burckhardt Compression company movie

Burckhardt Compression is a global market leader in the field of reciprocating compressors. It is the only manufacturer that covers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies. Compressor systems are designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements in the ...

3 questions to Axens Salindres plant director Henri Thomas

The Salindres site is one of Axens' 7 industrial sites for catalysts and adsorbents. What are the main issues of the Salindres site today and tomorrow ?

Ariel Corporation: A great American company

A Great American Company takes a look at Ariel’s founding, the journey to its success, and the people who make Ariel what it is today.