Hydraulic Fracturing - Density system from Berthold

Fracturing and cementing applications is used to determine PPA, PPG or SGU. Such a non-contacting measurement is maintenance-free and extremely robust to withstand high vibrations and mechanical shock.

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  • Is Radiometry Dangerous?

    Is Radiometry dangerous? Definitely NOT! A common prejudice against radiometric measurements is that spending time near such a measurement is dangerous and causes high radiation exposure. However, the reality is different: By using modern and sensitive detectors, the measurements can operate with ...

  • The Radiometric Principle

    In this video our expert explains the physics and technology needed for radiometric measurement system and which parameters effect the amount of the remaining radiation detected.

  • The Radiometric Setup

    Typically, a radiometric measurement system consists of two components; a source that emits gamma radiation and a detector that can detect the incident radiation. In this video our expert explains how these components are arranged at the measuring point and how a detector works.

  • The Benefits of a Radiometric Measurement

    Radiometric measurements offer outstanding results even under the most challenging process conditions and are used where other technologies fail. ► Learn all about the benefits in a few short minutes!

  • The Radiometric Measuring Range

    Radiometric level measurements from Berthold are used in a wide range of industries. Measurement ranges from a few millimeters up to several meters can be realized.

  • The Basic Principle of Shielding

    Radiometric measurement systems require a radioactive source, which emits gamma radiation in all directions. The radioactive material is safely held in a sealed and durable capsule, which guarantees safe handling - even under extreme measurement conditions. Our Expert covers the basics in a few short ...

  • Understanding the Source and Effect of Radioactivity

    Fact check? Does ionizing radiation used for radiometric measurements actually glow? Have you got misconceptions about radioactivity? Radioactive materials dont glow green like you see in some films. ► Understanding source and effect, ionizing radiation, radioactive material and contamination.< ...

  • The Life Cycle of a Radioactive Source

    Sealed radioactive sources have been used widely in our measuring systems for decades now. We at Berthold are focussed on the safe handling of the sources and are there by your side during the whole active life of the measurement with a radioactive source assisting you with legal requirements from ...

  • Level and density measurement systems for the refining industry

    Berthold’s level and density measurement systems are widely used in the global oil refining industry. With our measuring solutions based on gamma absorption we help our customers to reliably control their processes thus ensuring safe operation while simultaneously maximizing efficiency and prof ...

  • Multiphase Level Measurements

    The challenges in the measurement of several phases, so-called multiphase levels, include not only the often not distinctly formed interfaces but also the (sometimes only slightly) different phase densities. With the Multiphase Level Measurements from Berthold, separating layers can be reliably detected ...