Axens advanced technology for cellulosic ethanol treatment

Axens Marketing and External Communication Vice President Eric Benazzi: When I look at the various biofuels policies, such as the Renewable Fuel Standard in the US, and the Renewable Energy Directive II in Europe, the second generation biofuel market is expected to grow substantially over the coming years.

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  • FLEXICOKING™ the ultimate conversion technology provided by Axens

    Axens has seen the trend of an increasing supply of heavy sour crudes combined with a shrinking market for high sulfur fuel oil or petcoke push the Oil Industry to find reliable and flexible solutions for Resid Conversion. In addition, refiners are also required to meet SOx, NOx and particulate emission ...

  • Axens BioTfueL® An integrated Biomass To Liquids solution for advanced biofuels

    Aviation sector and road transport face multiple challenges: addressing the growing environmental concern and sustainability regulations and reduce their dependence on fossil resources with cost-competitive solutions. BioTfueL® technology addresses these challenges through a thermochemical pathway ...

  • Total Antwerp refinery off-gas project: A modular approach

    The project was aimed at the recovery and valorization of significant volumes of  high value components  for steamcracking (NC3) that were burned as fuel gas at the refinery in Antwerp, Belgium (TRA). The modular approach was successfully used in this project (scope: Modules and loose equipments ...

  • Axens Arofining® Aromatics purification through selective hydrogenation unit

    Aromatics commercial specifications, as well as transformation and separation processes, require aromatic streams free of unsaturated compounds. Arofining® is an aromatics purification technology aiming at hydrogenating in a selective manner olefins, diolefins and styrenics while preserving the highly ...

  • Axens SmartSulf® - Up to 99.7% sulphur recovery without TGTU

    A breakthrough sulfur recovery technology based on sub-dewpointing Claus process that can substitute a conventional Claus plus Tail Gas Treatment Unit with a more compact solution.

  • European project for the capture and storage of CO2 on an industrial scale

    The “3D” (DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk) project ambition is to validate replicable technical solutions and to achieve industrial deployment of Capture & Storage technology around the world. It should play a major role in enabling industries with high energy consumption and CO2 emissions, such ...

  • Axens Powering Integrated Solutions

    Axens group provides a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates, the chemical recycling of plastics and all natural gas treatment and conversion options. The offer includes technologies, ...

  • Axens AdvaMEG® solution for MEG regeneration and reclamation

    Different types of schemes are available as part of AdvaMEG® solution such as conventional regeneration, integrated and slip stream scheme. Here is a focus on the integrated scheme.

  • Take advantage of all alkylation blocks

    Axens now offers the 3 technologies involved in C4 alkylation block, offering a large panel of possibilities:
    1: Alkemax only
    2: Alkyfining + Alkemax
    3: Alkemax + C4 Isomerization
    4: full package with Alkyfining + Alkemax + C4 Isomerization

    Besides, Axens proposes ...

  • Axens Reforming Chemistry

    Understanding reforming chemistry begins with the catalyst itself. Embark with Axens on a journey to the atomic scale into the labyrinth of pores, where the reactions occur. A single fully-saturated n-hexane molecule will be followed to demonstrate the main reforming reactions.