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TX 77396

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Turnarounds deliver process improvements

An extended unit shutdown is relatively rare and an opportunity to take every advantage to improve performance.


Revamping crude towers for quality and yield

A successful revamp of distillation towers for increased diesel quality and yield depended on reliable design and accurate assembly


Dealing with column fouling

An understanding of process basics and fouling mechanisms enables increased run length in problem columns.


Foaming in fractionation columns

By understanding the foaming process and its root causes, steps can be taken to eliminate or minimise the formation of foaming.


High performance trays for a fractionator in an aromatics plant

Distillation is a very important separation technology in refineries and downstream chemical processing. Mass transfer internals in distillation columns ...


Wastewater stripper fouling cured

Sulzer was contacted by two separate refiners who noted a continued fouling problem and short run lengths on their wastewater strippers. The configuration ...


Tray design for high load applications

Distillation is an essential separation technology in refineries, gas processing, and the chemical industries. Internals for distillation columns can be ...