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  • Caustic tower revamp

    A customer contacted Sulzer to increase capacity while improving the CO2 removal in the existing CO2 absorption column of their ethylene plant. This was the third revamp for this particular column and continued improvements can be hard to find. A proper caustic tower design requires ...

  • FCC Main Fractionator Coking

    One common cause for coking is poor vapor distribution. Packing selection in the Slurry P/A section is critical to ensure good distribution and reliable performance.

    Mellagrid™ combines the performance of Mellapak™ with the robustness of traditional grid. Resists coking ...

  • Expertise beyond the column LPG Treating

    DC Coalescer™. Composite two-material design with very different surface free energies — typically metal and plastic. This simple principle offers notable advantages over conventional, single medium alternatives. The combination of both high and low surface energies gives effective ...

  • Lube Oil Vacuum Tower revamp

    Pressure drop is a critical operating parameter for Vacuum Towers. A Lube Oil Vacuum Tower with dislodged floating valves was revamped with Sulzer’s high performance MVG™ fixed valves, reducing column pressure drop 15%.

    V-Grid™ trays offer reliable performance with substantial ...

  • Beyond the column: Sulzer ESR

    New bypass line between diesel draw-off line to side stripper, new bypass valve, incl. update of P&ID, piping isometrics and pipe