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Operational feedback from the Nkossa Drizo gas dehydration unit offshore Congo

For more than 15 years the NKossa barge has been in operation offshore Congo. Design of the facility was to perform deep NGL recovery from the associated ...


How can waves significantly impact the performance of an amine unit installed on a FLNG?

Among the challenges to overcome and complete successfully a FLNG project, the design of the acid gas removal unit might be of great importance: the experts ...


Acid gas treatment upgrade for Qatargas

Upgrading acid gas treatment at the world’s largest LNG facility safeguards the plant’s design capacity and its ability to process increasingly sour ...


Direct oxidation sulphur recovery process for very lean acid gas applications

Due to higher demand in desulphurisation and new environmental regulations, Companies need to find robust and efficient technologies while considering ...


Modular construction for harsh climates

Severe Arctic conditions were overcome by the construction of small scale gas processing units in prefabricated modules.


New wave sulphur recovery in Mexico (TIA)

Pemex has successfully started up a SmartSulf unit treating amine acid gas and sour water stripper gas at a refinery in Salamanca, Mexico.


Acid gas treatment for giant LNG plant (TIA)

Prosernat, an engineering company and licensor of Total’s amine based technology portfolio, AdvAmine, has announced the successful start-up of a major ...