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Catalyst trial for maximum conversion FCC (TIA)

Fluidised catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst technology is continuously innovating, with suppliers introducing a couple of new catalyst technologies to ...


An alternative to rare earth elements in FCC catalysts - the use of Phinesse at Shell Sarnia

Rare earth (RE) elements have been utilised since the 1960s to stabilise Y-zeolites used in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts. Of the RE elements, ...


FCC catalyst lowers dry gas and improves yield (TIA)

Trials with BASF’s Boron Based Technology (BBT) catalyst platform demonstrated higher flexibility and profitability for refiners processing resid feeds ...


Continuous innovation for residue FCC catalyst technology

Although Tight Oil has captured the attention of the world and changed the landscape of North American refining, resid type feeds continue to play a key ...


Maximising profitability with FCC feeds from opportunity crudes

Case studies show how to achieve optimal monetisation value with opportunity feeds through operating strategies, innovative catalysts and technical st ...


ZSM-5 additive maximises propylene

Multi-stage phosphorus treatment improves ZSM-5 zeolite stabilisation and creates more propylene producing acid sites.


Capturing maximum value with tight oil feeds in the FCC

FCCs processing tight oil feeds require catalyst choices to deal with higher conversion, heat balance concerns, and higher sodium, calcium and iron.