Number: 7


  • Co-Processing of alternative feeds

    Vision of low carbon FCC of the future. To live in a more sustainable world, refiners are exploring ways to lower their carbon footprint. Sources of FCC Carbon emissions FCC - Scope 1 emissions from burning coke - Scope 2 emissions related to energy inputs (fairly small for FCC) - Scope ...

  • Altrium®

    Altrium® is the newest BASF catalyst based on the combined technologies AIM (Advanced Innovative Matrix) and IZY (Improved Zeolite-Y). Due to changes in market environment, increasing the LCO output through better bottoms upgrading became more attractive for refineries. The newest ...

  • Fourtune™

    Next generation Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Performance for butylenes maximization over propylene. Fourtune™ delivers highest butylenes yields and $0.30/bbl profitability improvement.

    Fourtune™ outperformed the incumbent catalyst and generated significant ...

  • Fourte®

    Innovative Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Catalyst for butylenes maximization Fourte® maximizes butylenes production in the FCCU and increases gasoline octane while preserving catalyst activity.

    Fourte is BASF’s butylene maximization FCC ...

  • Evolve®

    Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) additive for butylenes maximization BASF’s newest additive, Evolve®, maximizes butylenes selectivity and production in the FCCU for refineries who value butylenes production.

    Evolve is BASF’s newest FCC ...