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Johnson Matthey win top oil and gas award at IChemE awards 2018

Competing with four other finalists for the Oil and Gas Award, Johnson Matthey’s ‘CATACEL SSR: Structured Steam Reforming Catalyst’ project scooped first place on a night where we were also finalists in three other categories. Our ‘Escape Hood with Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Capability’ was named a finalist in the Innovative Product category and ‘Buprenorphine Recovery Process’ was a finalist in both the Industry Project and Pharma categories.

It was a huge achievement for the team behind CATACEL SSR. This is a coated, metal-foil-based, engineered alternative to the catalyst-impregnated ceramic pellet used in steam methane reforming.

For many years, the pellet has driven reforming reactions in hydrogen, methanol and ammonia plants. Catalyst design is a balance between many competing requirements such as strength, heat transfer, activity and pressure drop.

The engineered structure of CATACEL SSR enables it to stretch many of the limitations imposed by the use of ceramic pellets. It exhibits higher activity, improved heat transfer, and lower pressure drop all at the same time.

The IChemE Global Awards recognises excellence and achievement in the chemical, biochemical and process engineering industries. Last year our collaboration with BP Group Technology won us the Research Project Award and the Oil and Gas Award  for our Novel Reactor and Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch project.

Speaking after the prestigious event, which was held in Manchester, UK, JM’s Business Development Director, Mark Sutton said: “Our chemical engineers help make our science impactful in the world so we’re delighted that the team behind JM’s CATACEL SSR were recognised for this award. Everyone in the team has worked really hard to deliver this successful technology. Well done to all involved, and congratulations to everyone who reached the finals. Getting that far is a huge achievement.”

Overall the Awards saw more than 100 finalists competing across 17 categories. IChemE President, Ken Rivers added: “The IChemE Global Awards are a clear demonstration of the contribution chemical engineers are making worldwide for the benefit of society. Every finalist is living proof that chemical engineering matters.”

Sponsor : Johnson Matthey

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Johnson Matthey win top oil and gas award at IChemE awards 2018

Competing with four other finalists for the Oil and Gas Award, Johnson Matthey’s ‘CATACEL SSR: Structured Steam Reforming Catalyst’ project scooped ...


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