Johnson Matthey appoint Alberto Giovanzana to be Managing Director, Catalyst Technologies

Johnson Matthey (JM), a global leader in sustainable technologies, announces it has  appointed Alberto Giovanzana as Managing Director of Catalyst Technologies.

Alberto joins JM from BASF where most recently he was Senior Vice President and Head of  Global Technology for the €2B Nutrition and Health Division. Prior to this, Alberto ran  BASF’s Plastic Additives business in Europe, Middle East and Africa and has also held  various Marketing and Operations roles.

The world relies on fuels and chemicals. They are in many of the products that are  essential for modern life, from clothes to cleaning products, to food packaging, medicine,  transportation fuels and building supplies.  Today most of it is made from fossil fuels.  But  the energy transition is accelerating the move to find ways to decarbonise the chemical  and oil and gas industries and JM Catalyst Technologies is well placed to make this  happen.  

JM Catalyst Technologies makes high value specialty catalysts, additives and license  process solutions within the methanol, ammonia and hydrogen markets. These help  customers in the chemicals and energy industries improve energy efficiency, eliminate or  lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce raw materials consumption and increase product  longevity.  

In his new role, Alberto will leverage the deep technical expertise at JM in the field of process catalysts. He will drive collaboration with customers to harness the many business  opportunities that the energy transition and circular economy are providing. This will  significantly contribute towards JM’s vision of a cleaner and healthier world, today and for
future generations. 


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