World’s biggest sulphur forming site

The Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant, located about 16km southeast of the existing Habshan Gas Complex in Abu Dhabi, is about to be the world’s largest sulphur forming plant when measured by capacity. The plant also includes extensive storage, blocking, and rail car loading capabilities.

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In early 2011, Dodsal Engineering and Construction, the UAE based contractor, awarded Enersul, located in Calgary, Alberta, a contract for 12 of Enersul’s GXM1 sulphur granulation units as well as block pouring towers and other equipment.

Sulphur granulation is a size enlargement process. Liquid sulphur is sprayed onto small sulphur seeds – undersized granules – and cooled to solidification. With repeated application of liquid sulphur, the seed increases in volume and weight. As the granule is enlarged, each coating of liquid sulphur is fully and structurally bonded to the layer beneath. This ensures a spherical granule, entirely dry and completely free of voids.

The process occurs in a rotating drum. Undersized granules, which serve as seeds, are fed into the granulating drum and lifted by flights attached to the inside of the rotating drum. The result is a continuous falling curtain of sulphur granules. Liquid sulphur is sprayed onto the seed curtain by a series of spray nozzles along the length of the drum. The cooling process is achieve by the evaporation of water, which is sprayed throughout the length of the drum from the process water system.

As such, the GX process produces a spherical formed product completely void of flat surfaces resulting in lower friability and fugitive dust. The GXM1 is Enersul’s high capacity sulphur granulation unit, which can produce 1500 t/d with higher throughput being achieved through multiple process lines. The 12 Habshan units will produce 15 000 t/d of premium formed sulphur.

The Habshan project was unique in that it featured a staged delivery schedule with the first four GXM1 granulation units to be delivered in 56 weeks, the second four in 62 weeks, and the final third in 68 weeks.

For more information: pwories@enersul.com


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