Downstream USA 2024

26 - 27 June 2024
Galverston, TX
United States of America


Event Description

Create Partnerships for a Resilient Future. Downstream producers are on the cusp of solidifying how they enter the new era of a “sustainable downstream” after years of volatility and demanding ROI targets.  

The need to future proof facilities and start to embed sustainability at the heart of every decision must be balanced against the race to safely maximize plant output as demand returns.

To secure a resilient future, producers are looking to solution providers for skills and knowledge to fill gaps they are unable to fulfil themselves. Early partnerships will be key for producers to overcome the shortcomings of aging assets and drive real ROI needed to fund future reliability.

This June 3,500+ active solution seekers and thought leaders across capital projects, reliability, maintenance, shutdowns, digital, sustainability and procurement united to re-educate each other of new expectation and capabilities, and networked to solidify partnerships that will maximise plant output today and build resilience for tomorrow.

Event Organiser

Reuters Events Downstream
5 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AQ

Phone : +44 207 375 7500
Fax : +44 207 375 7576

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