North America CCUS & Hydrogen Decarbonisation Summit: Projects & Innovation

16 - 17 April 2024
United States of America


Event Description

The North America CCUS & Hydrogen Decarbonisation Sumitt will assess and review the opportunities within the North American Energy Sector and review the different hydrogen road maps set out by different states. It will review the new IRA act of the USA government providing a tax credit of up to $180 per ton for burying carbon dioxide produced by industrial activity as well as the opportunity to be one of the biggest producers and exporters of hydrogen.

The North America CCUS & Hydrogen Decarbonisation Summit will focus on the implementation of CCS & CCUS within industrial operations and how hydrogen can decarbonise industry and transport. The summit will bring together 300+ government officials, regulators, key industry stake holders, leading academia, and service companies.

Event Organiser

Chameleon Events
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