Decarbonisation Summit 2024: Industrial Gases & Clean Energies 3.0

8 - 10 April 2024
New Jersey
United States of America


Event Description

The global industrial gas and equipment business has an imperative role to play in the future of clean fuels and decarbonisation. The energy transition simply won’t happen without it.

At the same time, the industry has its own activities to decarbonise and circular economies to carve out – think green air gases and bio-based carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as CO2 utilisation and e-fuels, and so much more besides.

There are pathways to progress and questions to answer on this journey, not least:

  • What are the compelling clean fuels and what do the pathways to production look like?
  • How can the gases industry participate in this playground of opportunities?
  • What are the tools and technologies that will not only realise decarbonisation but accelerate it?
  • What are e-fuels and where will they be used?
  • What can e-fuels and other alternative fuels mean for the CO2 industry and its stakeholders?
  • What next for hydrogen, our industry’s part in its roll-out and the various shades – blue, green or otherwise?

All of these questions and more will be in the spotlight at gasworld’s Decarbonisation Summit this April (2024). This is the Net Zero event for you, held in New York against the backdrop of the progressive US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and with the world’s gaze watching on.

  • If you’re a cryogenic equipment expert, a leader in LNG distribution or a pioneer in pumps and valves, this is the event for you
  • If you’re a catalyst in carbon capture, a forerunner in fuel cells or a groundbreaker in green hydrogen, then this is the platform for your calls to action
  • If you’re erudite in e-fuels and circular economies, this is the stage for your company’s messaging
  • Put simply, if you’re an innovator in industrial gases and an enabler in energy, then we want to see and hear from you at gasworld’s DECARBONISATION SUMMIT in April.

Ensure your services are seen, your voice is heard, and the world knows what the gases industry has to give…at the Net Zero event of the year!

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