Isomalk-4 C7 paraffin isomerization technology

Isomalk-4 is a low-temperature isomerization technology for processing C7 paraffins contained in wide-range naphtha streams. In a conventional refinery configuration, C7 paraffins are distributed to the C5-C6 isomerization unit and the reformer. These components have a high X-factor that reduces the overall yield of the liquid products, lowers RON of the gasoline, and forms unwanted amounts of benzene. GTC’s innovative process allows isomerization of this hydrocarbon stream to achieve a low-RVP gasoline component with 84-86 RON, while improving the operation of the other naphtha processing units. By applying Isomalk-4, the wide-range naphtha can yield over 90 wt% liquid having a 95-98 RON, with benzene content <0.6 vol.%. This meets required gasoline specifications without any additional blending.

With Isomalk-4, refiners can realize the maximum value of the naphtha molecules, and minimize cracking and benzene formation. The naphtha stream is split into three streams. The lightest one, with <1% C7 is sent to the C5-C6 isomerization unit to yield 98-99 wt.% of 91.5-92.5 RON component. The C7 mid-cut stream is sent to the Isomalk-4 unit to achieve the equilibrium amount of diand trimethylbutanes, having very high octane. The feed to the reformer is controlled to minimize benzene precursors, cracking, and hydrodealkylation reactions, thereby improving the octane and yield.


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