Tracerco Diagnostics™ FCCU Study

The Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) is the economic heart of a modern refinery. Even small increases in its yield can bring about significant overall gains in productivity and revenue. Tracerco is a world leading industrial technology company providing unique and specialized detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions.

A Tracerco Diagnostics™ FCCU Study will provide you with the information you need to optimize or troubleshoot your specific process:
- All testing is performed while the FCCU is online.
- There is no interference with normal unit operations or production scheduling.
- Data collected can be used to identify operating parameter changes to improve unit productivity or gauge the accuracy of process modeling and simulation.
- Tracerco’s experience involves

A typical study may employ upwards of 75 detectors, measuring almost the entire system from a common injection point. The tagged process stream can be followed completely through either the Reactor or the Regenerator.

For example, tracer material injected into the riser can provide:
- Catalyst and vapor traffic velocities and slip ratio through the riser
- Determination of efficiency of the riser termination device
- Flow distribution through the reactor and stripper
- Cyclone distribution/operating characteristics
- Reactor/stripper residence times

Vapor traffic is tagged using an inert gas. The catalyst traffic may be tagged using system native catalyst – E-Cat, Fines, or any specific particle size distribution – which has been activated by Tracerco.

Tracerco Diagnostics™ FCCU Studies utilize both sealed source and tracer technologies. A typical study will use these technologies to measure the density of the catalyst/vapor mixture, and the velocity, distribution, and residence time of the catalyst and vapor through each part of the FCC including:
- Reactor Riser
- Reactor
- Reactor Stripping Section
- Regenerator
- Spent Catalyst & Regenerated Catalyst Standpipes

The operation of the associated downstream Main Fractionator column can also be investigated using Tracerco’s Tru-Scan™ technology.

In order to offer our customers a rapid response we operate from a number of regional bases strategically close to major industrial centers.


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