Redura® oil sealing systems

As compressor OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) with more than 170 years of experience, Burckhardt Compression has been setting standards for oil wiper packings for decades. Especially our know-how regarding the outstanding performance of oil sealing systems in our extremely reliable Laby® oxygen compressors, where any oil leakage into the compression chambers must be avoided under all circumstances, speaks for itself.

Patented designs developed in-house and exhaustive material research are the perfect recipe for high-performance oil sealing systems for reciprocating compressors. Innovation and vast in-house material know-how from the basis for Redura® brand, which offers a comprehensive product line for rings & packings.

For compressor operators striving to achieve the highest levels of waste management, throwing oil away that has passed by an ineffective set of wipers is a cause for concern. Then there is the cost consideration; crankcase oils are not cheap and neither is the experienced manpower required to monitor and top up the oil.

Premature failure of the main gas packings needs also to be considered. Oil that has leaked through the oil wipers has the potential to become airborne within the distance piece and thereby pass round the oil shield and enter the main packings. Here, together with wear particles of dry-running friction sealing rings, the oil forms a detrimental paste that negatively influences tribology and heat dissipation of an “oil-free” packing. Depending on load parameters, the consequences may range from a reduced life-time due to elevated ring wear to a complete packing failure. The associated downtime, loss of production and service costs will be of concern to any compressor operator.

Redura® oil sealing systems are heterogeneously designed to meet the needs of today’s plant managers and operators. Giving confidence that the crankcase oil will remain safely in the crankcase.

Our know-how and experience results in:
- Longest MTBO (mean time between overhaul) at lowest leakage
- Highest availability
- Lowest life cycle costs


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