Serving The LNG Supply Chain

Integrating your business with the market. The ability to respond to changing markets and growing spot markets for natural gas requires responsive systems that link your production capacity to market information.

To meet this need, Honeywell offers a wide range of service capabilities— including full business consulting and integration of your information and financial systems with production. For new LNG projects, such as regasification terminals or liquefaction plants, significant benefits can be captured by an early delivery of IT systems in parallel with plant facilities.


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  • Advanced flare and flare system designs

    UOP Callidus prides itself in providing economical high destruction efficiency, high smokeless, low noise, low radiation flares for a broad range of flare applications. Through our engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities and worldwide service, UOP Callidus has become a leading provider of flare ...

  • Advanced combustion solutions for production applications

    We Pride Ourselves On Quality UOP Callidus develops flare systems for hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas production, steel, carbon black and petrochemical processing industries. Each of these flare systems is built to match the customer’s specific process criteria and performance requirements. ...

  • Advanced rental flare technology

    Rental Services: The UOP Callidus Rental Group has the unique ability to bypass the normal work flow with our own project design and management team to fulfill all of our customer’s rental needs. If it’s not in our vast inventory of existing parts and equipment, we can create a unit or modify ...

  • Maximising naphtha through hydrocracking: Refinery of the future

    Globally the demand for petrochemicals is increasing at rates nearly 1.5 times GDP. In regions where there is a heavy investment in large-scale para-xylene capacity there is a significant demand for naphtha. However not all naphtha is suitable to produce aromatics. Heavy naphtha is required, but it is ...

  • Decarbonization with hydrogen solutions

    Demand for hydrogen is expected to increase up to ten-fold by 2050 when multiple industry reports predict 8-24% of the world's final energy demand will be supplied by hydrogen. Hydrogen has a unique ability to address and ˜hard-to-decarbonize' sectors including refining, chemicals, steel, heating, long-haul ...

  • Unleash the potential of your Naphtha Steam Cracker

    The global ethylene market grows at 3.0-3.5% annually, which amounts to 6-7 MM MTA increase in demand every year.  Greater than 95% of ethylene is produced using steam cracking. The two of the main feedstocks for steam crackers are naphtha and ethane with each supplying >45% of all ethylene production. ...

  • Preparing for a petrochemical plant revamp or technology upgrade

    Petrochemical producers have recently confronted unprecedented volatility in crude oil prices and limits on advantaged feedstock, while the refining and gas sectors remain vigilant to global supply conditions. However, some industry challenges remain unchanged, such as the need to optimize plant operations ...

  • Serving the LNG Supply Chain

    The global need for cleaner energy has resulted in a growing demand for natural gas as the fuel of choice. As a participant in this expanding and vital industry, your company faces many complex challenges. Honeywell, as the leading supplier of comprehensive Automation and Integrated Business Solutions ...

  • The Refinery of the Future

    This change toward more integrated complexes already has begun. As recently as five years ago, roughly 15 percent of new CCR PlatformingTM units were designed for petrochemicals production. Today, that number has risen to nearly 70 percent. New integrated complexes in the Middle East, Southeast Asia ...

  • nViro™ Waste Management Solutions

    Honeywell UOP's nViro technologies integrate waste management with the design of the process unit, producing opportunities for optimization and process improvements. nViro combines UOP's leadership in refining and petrochemical process technologies with UOP Callidus's experience in waste stream management ...

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