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  • Tracerco Diagnostics™

    Providing real time measurement technologies to assist with critical decision making. Tracerco Scanning Services TRU-SCAN® Application. Do you have problems with the operation of your stripper/absorber or fractionation tower? Is this limiting production? Do you want to reduce your operating costs? Do you want to reduce your shutdown time? Tracerco’s Tru-Scan™ technology, utilizing FrothView™, is used to evaluate the mechanical integrity and hydraulic performance ...

  • ZIP Olefins Additive

    Refinery trial of new ZSM-5 olefins additive shows success in maximizing FCC propylene production. ZIP, BASF's latest Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Olefins Additive, produces maximum propylene while using less  ZSM-5 Additive. ZSM-5 based additives are used in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units to crack gasoline molecules (C6–C9) to LPG olefins (C3 and C4) and to enhance octane levels in the remaining gasoline. ZIP is an improved ZSM-5 additive that incorporates unique ...

  • Advances in benzene derivatives production

    Xylene and ethylbenzene are important benzene derivatives. In this presentation, you will learn about recent advances in the production process and catalysts of xylene and ethylbenzene. Xylene production is one of the most important aromatic producing processes. You will learn the details of process technology introduction and catalyst features of aromatics transalkylation developed by Sinopec, as well as the process strategies of raw material expansion, Inferior feed tolerance, ...

  • Deep catalytic cracking technology for maximizing the production of chemicals

    Optimization of light olefins (including ethylene, propylene and butene) production has become one of the most competitive options for refiners in the transition. Compared with conventional FCC, FCC technologies which optimized propylene production are helping refiners to restructure their product configuration, from fuel to petrochemical production. You will learn some successful commercial cases, which are aimed to help refiners to select the most suitable and competitive ...

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