Number: 2


  • Eliminate convection section fouling by encapsulating refractory

    Problem: Over time refractory ceramic fiber becomes friable. This friable dust is entrained in the post combustion flue gases and gets carried downstream, fouling convection section tubes and catalyst banks. Fig 1 shows new ceramic fiber under SEM. Fibers are continuous and intact. After heat exposure, long strands break down into smaller pieces, which are carried downstream and comprise the majority of convection section fouling (Fig 2). Solution: Cetek Ceramic coatings effectively ...

  • Eliminate fouling of radiant tubes

    Problem: An increase in Bridgewall temperature can be a symptom of excessive fouling of the fired heater’s radiant tubes. These tubes tend to oxidize under operating conditions. Solution: Our patented Hot Tube Descaling service removes radiant section process tube fireside soot, scale, and fouling during furnace operation.