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  • 4 simple ways to convert turnarounds into profitable tower upgrade opportunities

    With planned outages commonly occurring at intervals of 2-5 years, a refinery turnaround is a prime opportunity to replace column and separator internals with the newest available technology. Planning for an outage with a “replacement-in-kind” strategy will address lost performance from refinery equipment due to normal wear and tear. However, most column internals can be upgraded for higher capacity, more flexibility, or greater efficiency at close to the same cost ...

  • All about excellence in the energy and chemical industry

    KBC exists to help you achieve and sustain excellent operational performance, through the actions of our people, fused with the application of our digitalization technology and best practices, powered by the Cloud.Better decisions - faster, Flawless execution - every time and  Superior results - sustained. Deliver value: Performance assurance Organizations that perform at their best are able to adjust to changing dynamics without compromising competitiveness. KBC ...

  • Hot tek Services

    Proven Safe Maintenance on Active Fired Heaters Using patented approaches, methods, and tools, we combine our Hot-tekTM services to achieve the best results for your specific needs, during unit operation with no interruption to production.

  • ITW Online Cleaning

    Will revolutionize turnaround operations and operational excellence by optimizing: productivity, operability, safety health and environment, reliability, product quality, energy efficiency, CO2 SOX NOX VOC emissions, maintenance and repair and operational requirements. An entire Unit can be ITW Online Cleaned in as low as 24 hours on an oil-to-oil basis, including all the equipment and not only the relevant one, without the need of opening it. ITW Online Cleaning a Unit in ...

  • Proper design of mass transfer internals in the FCC flue gas scrubber can help reduce PM emissions

    The EPA’s New Source Performance Standards (40 C.F.R. §60.100-1-0, subpart Ja) regulates refinery particulate emissions, including the discharge of catalyst fines from the FCCU flue gas scrubber stack. Because refiners have traditionally correlated particulate matter (PM) emissions with FCCU cokeburn, high flue gas stack PM can result in reducing severity or throughput in the FCCU at a potentially huge economic cost. The proper selection of mass transfer internals in ...

  • Tower field service, maintenance, revamps and installation

    Worldwide maintenance and installation services. Since 1971, Tower Field Service (TFS) has been a tower specialist performing tray and packing installation, tower maintenance, and plant turnaround projects. Years of successful tower and vessel experience assures our customers of a partner who is safe, cost effective and technically experienced. The challenge to complete multiple tower revamps and retrofits safely and on time is what Tower Field Service most prides itself in. ...

  • Wet gas sulfuric acid - profitable sulfur management

    The WSA technology is an excellent alternative to the Claus technology for sulfur management within oil refining, coal gasification, gas sweetening etc. High steam production, feed flexibility, ease of operation, and low CAPEX & OPEX are some key benefits for the operator when selecting the WSA technology. Today we have +130 references world wide.

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