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  • Auto-switch boring / cutting tool

    The innovative DeltaValve auto-switch coke cutting tool provides a high level of safety and reliability during de-coking operations by allowing the tool to remain in the drum during switching between boring/cutting modes. The auto-switch tool, in combination with the DeltaValve drill stem guide enclosure and the top unheading valve, provide maximum coker safety by allowing personnel to be removed from the cutting deck. Flow channels in the auto-switch tool are optimized to ...

  • Burckhardt plate valve™

    The long running valve best in O2 applications. Why the plate valve? The Burckhardt Plate Valve™ is of proven design, which has been continually optimized over the years. Special care has been given to improve the robustness and longevity of the valve plate, damper plate and the springs under different operating conditions. A decisive advantage for the operator is the conversion from metallic to non-metallic plates and vice versa without additional machining on the valve. ...

  • Burckhardt Valve Service

    Reduce operating costs of all your reciprocating compressors. For best compressor performance get a complete solution from the OEM. Burckhardt Compression has its own, leading valve technology since 1880. Experience has been gained for a wide field of applications. Valves are a key factor for your compressor’s performance and efficiency. Valves from Burckhardt Compression are designed, selected, engineered and manufactured for best life cycle cost. Thousands of valves are ...

  • Capital parts - highest quality for lowest life cycle costs

    Burckhardt Compression is one of the market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressors. As the only manufacturer that offers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies, we are ideally suited to support you in every situation. With more than 170 years of experience, we are committed to producing continuous innovative solutions for highest reliability and lowest life cycle costs for new or improved compressors. Reliable performance of capital parts is crucial ...

  • CE valve - the efficient ring valve

    Many of the processes that have Significant importance for industrial plant operation can cause extreme stress on compressor valves, e.g. by the presence of particles, catalyst debris, liquids or polymerides. Particles carried along with the gas flow or polymers can lead to clogging of flow channels, valve leakage and premature wear. The reliability of the valves is thus crucial for the plant operators. In addition, especially in processes with heavy gases the efficiency of ...

  • Centric butterfly valve for modulating service

    The valves are specifically designed to handle flue- and/or sulfur- containing gases. The valve comes with gas seal - / flushing connection in regular execution. The special execution of type EHM offers a refractory lining for highest temperatures. Flange connections and face to face dimensions can be adjusted according to client’s requirements.

  • CHM mixing valve for hot gases

    CHM valves are designed to mix hot gas of a furnace with cold gas down to a defined temperature. A refractory lining makes the valve suitable for applications where high temperatures may occur. Applications: - Refining, desulphurization - for all applications where gases have to be mixed to a defined temperature Sizes:                   DN 100 - DN 4000 bzw. 4“ - 160“ Pressure ...

  • Comparing physical solvents for acid gas removal

    Physical solvents such as DEPG, NMP, Methanol, and Propylene Carbonate are often used to treat sour gas. These physical solvents differ from chemical solvents such as ethanolamines and hot potassium carbonate in a number of ways. The regeneration of chemical solvents is achieved by the application of heat whereas physical solvents can often be stripped of impurities by simply reducing the pressure. Physical solvents tend to be favored over chemical solvents when the concentration ...

  • Gas processing

    ProMax® is a powerful and versatile process simulation package that is used worldwide to design and optimize gas processing, refining and chemical facilities. Totally integrated with Microsoft Visio®, Excel® and Word®, ProMax is the best simulation tool for designing gas plants and predicting performance under varying process conditions. Discover why engineers around the world depend on ProMax! • Model any NGL, LNG, LPG recovery and fractionation process • ...

  • Mixing valve for hot gases

    CHM valves are designed to mix hot gas of a furnace with cold gas down to a defined temperature. A refractory lining makes the valve suitable for applications where high temperatures may occur.

  • Optimizing CO2 capture, dehydration and compression facilities

    The removal of CO2 by liquid absorbents is widely implemented in the field of gas processing, chemical production, and coal gasification. Many power plants are looking at post-combustion CO2 recovery to meet environmental regulations and to produce CO2 for enhanced oil recovery applications. The figure below illustrates actual data of fuel consumption in 2005 and an estimate of energy demand for various fuels from 2010 to 2030. The world energy demand will likely increase at rates ...

  • ProMax®

    ProMax is built on over 40 years of continual research and development efforts. Our team of development engineers has consistently found innovative ways to model processes so that the end results accurately refl ect the actual operating conditions of gas processing, refi ning and chemical facilities. We take pride in the fact that the focus of our development efforts has been strongly influenced by the needs of our clients. Members of our development team work directly with clients ...

  • Selecting the best solvent for gas treating

    Selecting the best amine/solvent for gas treating is not a trivial task. There are a number of amines available to remove contaminants such as CO2, H2 S and organic sulfur compounds from sour gas streams. The most commonly used amines are monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and methyldiethanolamine (MDEA). Other amines include diglycolamine® (DGA), diisopropanolamine (DIPA), and triethanolamine (TEA). Mixtures of amines can also be used to customize or optimize the ...

  • Shut-off valves

    Valves especially designed for the use in Claus-units / processes. Upon request: Special design for desulphurization of natural gas / gas conditioning. The proven design has been delivered to more than 150 reference plants worldwide. Numerous valves installed more than 30 years ago are still in operation. Applications: - Petrochemical plants - Desulphurization of natural gas and Gas conditioning Sizes:                   ...

  • Sulfur recovery

    With increasing environmental concerns, sulfur recovery has become one of the leading issues in emissions reduction. Bryan Research & Engineering’s process simulator, ProMax, contains a complete reactor suite for modeling kinetic (plug flow and stirred tank), equilibrium, conversion, and Gibbs minimization schemes. A variety of sulfur recovery and tail gas cleanup processes may be modeled using this suite of options. Some of the most commonly modeled processes include: • ...

  • Triple eccentric butterfly valve

    Metal seated Butterfly Valve with triple eccentric offset Proven system for superior applications: Oxygen, gases, exhaust gases, fluids as well as abrasive and corrosive media.

  • Your valve specialist - safe and economic

    OHL Gutermuth has made a name for itself throughout the world in special valves and offers customized solutions for shutting off, throttling and regulating media under extreme conditions. The particular strength of the company lies in its decades of experience with a wide variety of use-specific requirements in valve technology, which comes from a knowledge of engineering processes and competence in proven and innovative technology concepts. OHL Gutermuth occupies a leading position ...

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