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  • Amine and solvent management around the world

    Our vast global experience providing online amine hygiene and solvent management to the ammonia, gas, oil, and steel industry places MPR in a unique position to serve its customers. Our dedicated research and development group continues to make improvements in our technologies meeting the challenges faced in dealing with corrosion, suspended solids, hydrocarbon entrainment and infi ltration together with the accumulation of heat stable salts and foaming issues. Our R & D group's ...

  • Bicine can be controlled

    Bicine is a very corrosive degradation product produced in certain DEA and MDEA systems. Amine system operators must take steps to minimize O2 and SO2 incursion into the amine system and will need to monitor Heat Stable Salts and Amino Acids (Bicine) concentrations in the amine.

  • COSWEET™ deep COS removal from natural gas

    By combining amine absorption with catalytic COS hydrolysis, COSWEET™ allows gas sweetening, either total (removal of both H₂S + CO₂) or selective (removal of H₂S mainly), with complete COS removal. The three steps of COSWEET™ process consists in: * Removing the bulk of the H₂S and CO₂ present in the feed gas by absorption in the bottom section of a solvent absorber. * Withdrawing the partially sweetened gas from bottom section of the absorber, water ...

  • Gas sweetening solutions

    Our Expertise, a global solution adapted to each case: Design suitable for Gas Plants, LNG Plants, Refineries, Biogas, Shale Gas and Syngas. Efficient and reliable amine sweetening processes: The AdvAmine™ series of processes • Can treat any sour gas composition • Achieves the most severe specifications • Tailor made solvent composition and process configurations adapted to your specific case • Open market chemicals to reduce solvent costs • Specific ...

  • HySWEET® the best option for mercaptan removal from natural gas

    HySWEET® process is a hybrid solvent process developed by TOTAL and licensed by PROSERNAT. The solvent is a blend of alkanolamine and physical solvent diluted with water. The physical component has been selected by TOTAL in order to simultaneously achieve a high level of mercaptan’s absorption with a relatively low level of hydrocarbon co-absorption. Thanks to its specific solvent formulation HySWEET® exhibits major advantages compared to other gas sweetening process ...

  • IFPACC™ a new generation of structured packings for gas treatment

    A joint development between IFP Energies nouvelles and PROSERNAT. Characteristics: A novel structured packing geometry, Adapted to the constraints of acid gas removal by amine solvents, Geometric area of 200 m2/m3, Tested at industrial scale (Ø 1 m column), High effective to geometric area ratio of up to 1.4 depending on the liquid load Key Benefits • Higher flow capacity than other packings that generate similar mass transfer rates • Debottlenecking potential • ...

  • PROSERNAT offers amine processes developed by TOTAL: AdvAmine™

    In the frame of cooperation between TOTAL, IFP Energies nouvelles and PROSERNAT, PROSERNAT is today the licensor of the amine technology portfolio historically developed by SNEA(P), then ELF, now owned by TOTAL. AdvAmine™ processes have been developed for more than 50 years for all types of natural gas sweetening applications: * HiLoadDEA for complete CO₂/H₂S removal, * MDEAmax for selective H₂S removal, * energizedMDEA for controlled/complete CO₂/H₂S removal. ...

  • ProTreat® mass transfer rate based simulation

    ProTreat - the only true mass and heat transfer rate-based simulator specifically for gas treating. ProTreat is the industry’s most advanced simulation tool for gas treating.  Because it is rigorously  mass-transfer  rate-based,  it  offers  the  ultimate in  accuracy,  reliability, and  truly predictive power. ProTreat offers  you unparalleled capabilities in design, plant optimization, and troubleshooting. A ProTreat ...

  • Running dirty amine to save costs

    Some plants have saved money in the short term by running dirty amine/glycol systems. The result of this obfuscation strategy often is problematic operations. Problems resulting from corrosion, foaming and loss of acid gas absorption arise from processing with contaminated amine/glycol. A single severe process upset resulting in a large solvent loss may put you over budget for the year. We know how important controlling amine/glycol losses and costs can be. MPR Services, Inc. ...

  • SPREX® & SPREX®CO2: bulk acid gas removal from highly sour gas

    Process Principle: Bulk H2S or CO2 removal from highly sour gas by high pressure cryogenic distillation - Conventional distillation column with no hydrates or solid products formation - Separated acid gases are recovered liquid at high pressure and easily pumped back into reservoir - Final sweetening of partially treated gas may be done with a conventional amine unit Key Benefits • Economic alternatives for the development of highly sour gas reserves with acid gas reinjection - ...

  • SweetSulf™ The high pressure redox desulfurization process

    Reaction: Sour gas is contacted with an aqueous redox solution which extracts the H2S and converts it into solid elemental sulphur. Gas separation: Treated gas, free of H2S, is separated from the redox solution. Solid separation: Solid sulphur is filtered under pressure on a cartridge filter which can be regenerated on stream. Re-Oxidation: The redox solution is depressurized and re-oxidized by contact with air. SweetSulf™ Advantages • Selective H2S removal with ...

  • Tracerco Diagnostics™

    Providing real time measurement technologies to assist with critical decision making. Tracerco Scanning Services TRU-SCAN® Application. Do you have problems with the operation of your stripper/absorber or fractionation tower? Is this limiting production? Do you want to reduce your operating costs? Do you want to reduce your shutdown time? Tracerco’s Tru-Scan™ technology, utilizing FrothView™, is used to evaluate the mechanical integrity and hydraulic performance ...

  • Traffic jams in your amine system

    Have you ever found yourself in a traffic jam – one that results in a gridlock? If you have, you probably will not forget the frustration and headache that resulted from lost time just sitting there feeling helpless. You probably felt there were just too many cars on the road. If there weren’t so many, things would run smoothly and be alright. Have you considered the possibility of too much traffic in your amine system? Have you had to increase solvent circulation ...

  • Understanding amine system terminology

    As we work with valued customers in our business, we have come to realize that there is confusion with some of the terms used to describe amine systems. Some of these terms such as Heat Stable Salts, Heat Stable Amine Salts, Lean Loading, Bound Amine, etc may need clarification. We explain below the differences with these terms because we recognize it is helpful to understand them.

  • Using chemical analysis to diagnose amine upsets

    Using chemical analysis from your amine supplier to diagnose your amine system? Understanding the link between the analysis report and the amine system operation can be foggy. MPR Services, Inc. shares clear understandings and provides solutions to amine hygiene.

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