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  • Servomex product guide

    Our industry-leading gas analyser range and systems, matched to your industry requirements. Developed and manufactured in our UK and Americas Technical Centers, Servomex analyzers are hand-built to precise requirements. This ensures every product we make provides performance optimized to the needs of each customer process. Built around the stable, accurate and reliable gas measurements provided by our world-leading Hummingbird sensing technologies, our analyzers incorporate ...

  • Servomex Service guide

    Service plays an essential role in Servomex’s gas analysis expertise. Our analyzer systems are designed to meet the precise process requirements of every customer, and the same is true of our service support. We supply an extensive range of service products, backed by deep applications knowledge, that support the optimum performance of our analyzers and systems. Our global network of engineers delivers the expertise your product needs, wherever it’s needed. We believe that ...

  • SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas

    High-specification digital continuous emissions (CEMS) analyzer, designed for multi-gas measurement of criterion pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference oxygen. The advanced SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas delivers high-performance multi-gas monitoring designed specifically for the continuous emissions monitoring of flue gas. This sensitive analyzer uses a combination of Servomex’s leading-edge, patented, digital sensing technologies, including Paramagnetic O2, and the non-dispersive ...

  • SERVOTOUGH FlueGasExact 2700

    High performance combustion process analysis of oxygen and combustibles, designed for use in the most hazardous and challenging location. Armed with an integral sampling system custom-designed for operation in some of the hottest and most extreme combustion environments, the FluegasExact is the analyzer of choice for measuring oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications.

  • SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900

    Leading-edge, safety-enhanced oxygen analysis for hazardous or challenging applications. The award-winning Oxy 1900 sets the standard for O2 gas analysis, delivering a feature-rich solution designed to meet the monitoring needs of even the most challenging applications. At the heart of the Oxy 1900 is Servomex’s patent Paramagnetic oxygen sensor. Providing highly reliable, accurate and stable percentage measurements of oxygen. The non-depleting technology requires minimal ...

  • SERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200

    High specification process oxygen analyzer, designed for ultimate monitoring performance. The OxyExact safe area oxygen analyzer combines high precision Paramagnetic O2 sensing technology into a flexible and robust safety-enhanced design, optimized to meet the needs of demanding process monitoring applications like feedstock purity testing and clean up, hydrogen and chlorine production, solvent recovery and sewage and sludge driers.

  • Tracerco Diagnostics™

    Providing real time measurement technologies to assist with critical decision making. Tracerco Scanning Services TRU-SCAN® Application. Do you have problems with the operation of your stripper/absorber or fractionation tower? Is this limiting production? Do you want to reduce your operating costs? Do you want to reduce your shutdown time? Tracerco’s Tru-Scan™ technology, utilizing FrothView™, is used to evaluate the mechanical integrity and hydraulic performance ...

  • Vapor pressure testing for petroleum, LPG, crude oil and Chemicals

    Vapor pressure is an important physical property of volatile liquids especially of spark-ignition engine fuels. It provides an indication of how a fuel will perform under different operating conditions. For example, vapor pressure is a factor in determining, whether a fuel will cause vapor locks at high ambient temperature or at high altitude, or will provide easy starting at low ambient temperatures. Petroleum product specifications are regulated by various governmental agencies. ...

  • ViscoLab PVT+

    High-pressure viscosity analysis. For oil, gas, polymers, and supercritical fluids, ViscoLab PVT+ delivers the highest levels of accuracy, speed, and reliability. In high-pressure processes, correctly analysing precious samples is as challenging as it is critical. With millions of dollars on the line, “close enough” is never good enough, and “soon enough” is never fast enough. Since viscosity is an important factor in the quality and marketability of the fluid, measurements ...

  • Elemental Analysis for Refining and Petrochemicals

    Seamless Laboratory and Process Analysis for Total Sulfur and Nitrogen. As expected shifts to petrochemical and crude oil-to-chemicals (COTC) projects expand through 2050, the need for elemental analysis in refining and petrochemical continues to grow. Refiners must meet stringent requirements due to the increase of nitrogen and sulfur in the crude, requiring more focus on processing and control. Join us to learn about laboratory and process analysis for total sulfur and nitrogen. During ...

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