Number: 5


  • Hydrogen fuel conversion in fired equipment

    Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in achieving their strategic climate goals. Now is the time to evaluate options for hydrogen refuelling, efficiency improvements, and novel methods of CO2 reduction in fired heaters and boilers. You can reduce carbon footprints by refuelling fired equipment with hydrogen or ammonia. When planning a refuelling effort there is much more to consider than just the Wobbe Index and combustion performance. The system will experience ...

  • ITW Online Cleaning

    Will revolutionize turnaround operations and operational excellence by optimizing: productivity, operability, safety health and environment, reliability, product quality, energy efficiency, CO2 SOX NOX VOC emissions, maintenance and repair and operational requirements. An entire Unit can be ITW Online Cleaned in as low as 24 hours on an oil-to-oil basis, including all the equipment and not only the relevant one, without the need of opening it. ITW Online Cleaning a Unit in ...

  • On-line heater and boiler chemical cleaning technology

    GTC’s fired heater cleaning solves common process feed heater problems. With rising pressure to reduce energy costs, GTC’s advanced fired heater/boiler chemical cleaning technology is an effective way to improve heater efficiency without shutting down plant operations. Our technology is designed to quickly remove deposits such as slag and other fouling materials that build up over time on tube fire side surfaces. Fouling in the convection section caused by condensed ...

  • SERVOTOUGH FlueGasExact 2700

    High performance combustion process analysis of oxygen and combustibles, designed for use in the most hazardous and challenging location. Armed with an integral sampling system custom-designed for operation in some of the hottest and most extreme combustion environments, the FluegasExact is the analyzer of choice for measuring oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications.

  • Unrivalled combustion expertise - Superior heat transfer solutions

    XRG Technologies is an innovative engineering and procurement firm specializing in fired equipment for the refining, petrochemical, and power markets. We collaborate with our partners to solve complex problems and manage projects from concept to completion. Our staff of industry experts will partner with you and function as your outside engineering support team. We have brought together a team of burner, fired heater, boiler, flare, vapor recovery and thermal oxidizer experts ...